Monday, 19/02/2018 of Sagittarius: without a specific reason

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Uranus 45 degrees Uranus shows Sagittarius has intense desire, and you express emotions without a specific reason. As a passionate and passionate fan of the difference, sometimes you like the conquests and the boredom after the success. Keeping a good idea for yourself and working alone is just the beginning and will only take you […]


Monday, 19/02/2018 of Libra: maintaining a relationship

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Moon’s day, 45 degrees, indicates that you may have trouble maintaining a relationship. But if you do not hide, talk to the enemy frankly, this contradiction can be resolved. In addition, this inner tension also brings great motivation and ability to achieve. The last day of Tet holiday you remember to prepare to go to […]


Monday, 19/02/2018 of Virgo: surplus in relationships

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The moon is perpendicular to Pluto, this angle shows jealousy, impulsive. Sometimes you have feelings of jealousy, you are surplus in relationships. It is because you think negative because the nature is that people do not intend to scapegoat anyone but just want to protect the weak. If you embark on something new that you […]