Friday, 1/12/2017 of Pieces: friendly and professional relationships

The Heavenly King shows that you are always anxious to prove yourself to others through cooperative, friendly and professional relationships, so you are always on the defensive. You are conscious of taking care of your body but sometimes have done the wrong way. For example, if you apply lotion before going to the street, after […]


Friday, 1/12/2017 of Aquarius: stop looking at his lover through pink glasses

Moon 150 degrees Sun reminders Aquarius should stop looking at his lover through pink glasses. Love needs to live in reality and face it, not just dreams, fantasies. If you have a loving and caring partner, let all your doubts and doubts sleep. Believing in someone outside of yourself can be a great feeling and […]


Friday, 1/12/2017 of Capricorn: instead of mocking someone to focus on developing themselves

Moon 180 degree star Jupiter proved successful to you easily. If you do not handle this corner well then you will become self-respect and always considered yourself the most. Everyone has their own efforts and they have not been as successful as you because they do not have enough time, instead of mocking someone to […]


Friday, 1/12/2017 of Sagittarius: need to adjust your emotional and cognitive

The Moon of 150 degrees reminds you that you need to adjust your emotional and cognitive. Do not let emotions lead you too far, so review what you did wrong and adjust accordingly. If you have a bad idea about money you will not have the opportunity to earn a lot of money. Money can […]


Friday, 1/12/2017 of Scorpio

Moon a 180 degree angle Jupiter You attach great importance to religion. It’s easy to convey high-level community ideas to people around you. We should continue to bring value to the world in a certain way until we can no longer do it. This is what keeps us alive, fulfilling our mission and our happiness. […]


Friday, 1/12/2017 of Libra: feels uncomfortable when expressing emotions to others

The lunar 135 degrees show that Libra feels uncomfortable when expressing emotions to others so that you yourself are bound to separate boundaries to protect your emotions. Stop talking about the humanity of a law or a charity health policy, but make yourself a lot of money to pay yourself a huge expense to get […]


Friday, 1/12/2017 of Virgo: understand that each person is different

The moon’s 120 degree angle indicates Pluto’s ability to regenerate in love. It is possible for you to reconcile with your ex-lover or a wound healed willingly to start a new relationship. If you have to overcome the trauma and deceit in the past. Understand that each person is different, not just because one of […]


Friday, 1/12/2017 of Leo: everyone is waiting for you to make a decision right now

Moon 135 degrees Saturn indicates that if you encounter dilemma do not sit there but lament the part. Take the initiative to find solutions as everyone is waiting for you to make a decision right now. If you love, learn to trust. Where will the marriage go without trust? Jealousy and nagging doubt, jealousy is […]


Friday, 1/12/2017 of Cancer: can not always win

The lunar 135 degree Mercury shows that you can have senseless actions because your emotions are always related to your judgment. Do not be too confident with your intelligence and sensitivity that despise the unlucky ones who have the same learning conditions. You can not always win and persuade the person in your opinion. Sometimes, […]


Friday, 1/12/2017 of Gemini: have the criteria to choose who to contact

The moon of 120 degrees of stars shows the advertising, love the connection of Gemini. That does not mean that anyone you know, talk, you have the criteria to choose who to contact, who to contact. While others are still immersed in the glory of the past, the rich are always dreaming of the future. […]