Friday, 1/12/2017 of Taurus

Moon in Taurus’s location shows you need a warm, comfortable, safe and familiar environment to feel peaceful. Remember, it’s fun to just get out of the safety circle to discover yourself. With patience, calm and steady, you are not easily affected. That is why it is no wonder that others seek your support. You are […]


Friday, 1/12/2017 of Aries: indicates abnormal lusts

The Moon combines a 60 degree Neptune angle that extends the range of your life and often indicates abnormal lusts, but this angle can also lead to overly idealistic and therefore self-defeating tendencies. fool yourself. If both sides are controversial, it is better not to avoid but to learn to face. Both need to take […]


Thursday, 30/11/2017 of Pieces: will gain a lot of success in their work

When Mercury and Moon lie 120 degrees apart, Pisces will gain a lot of success in their work. You have smart ideas, solve problems rightly and rationally. Today, this constellation is very careful, not because of the results that you achieve that arrogant, off guard. This is good for you, let’s continue to promote more. […]


Thursday, 30/11/2017 of Aquarius: need to wake up

Today, the moon is 45 degrees away from Neptune, Aquarius seems to need to wake up, you have lived in a fantasy for so long. Follow the horoscope on 29/11/2017, the story is complex and complex concerns, but if you do not face it will never solve the problem. Aquarius afraid that woke up will […]


Thursday, 30/11/2017 of Capricorn: should control their emotions better

The moon and the moon match, this Thursday the Capricorn should control their emotions better. You know that you want to be good for him, but do not force each other to do what he does not want, love is voluntary. You value love, worship love, but do not because of the temporary feelings that […]


Thursday, 30/11/2017 of Sagittarius: many new advances in work

Today Sagittarius is likely to achieve many new advances in his work. The moon is at a 120 degree angle to Saturn, you are careful and serious about what you are doing, always try your best to complete the task in the best way. With the available resources, if you have the desire to learn […]


Thursday, 30/11/2017 of Scorpio: has a very personal ego

Today is the day Venus and Moon lie 150 degrees apart, Scorpio has a very personal ego, you always want to prove yourself. In this Thursday, you may have dropped your confidence somewhere. Pedophilia is too much for the opinion of others who fear that they can not do the job. You worry about the […]


Thursday, 30/11/2017 of Libra: will gain much love from her

Today, the moon is 120 degrees from Mercury, Libra will gain much love from her. You cleverly express your feelings, making him not shake off. Fighting, just a little more revolution will be successful. Today is also a lucky day for money with this constellation. If you have any worries then feel confident. When done […]


Thursday, 30/11/2017 of Virgo: the work of this constellation has changed a lot

Virgo may get into complicated emotional relationships if you refuse to look directly at the truth. What will be my own, do not hold on to the end. You need to learn how to face life’s ups and downs. The work of this constellation has changed a lot. You are afraid of that change, although […]


Thursday, 30/11/2017 of Leo: emotions rise

Today Leo will feel emotions rise, just want to spend all the best for him only. Moon and Pluto are in the same position, today you love love so seriously, always put it to the top in his life. It is not often that Leo is not afraid to express this intense emotions it. Your […]