Wednesday, 01/08/2018 of 12 zodiac signs: fully understand the options

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Moon position Aries shows you work despite difficulties, obstacles, you do not let the anxiety that hinders your progress right now.

But do not do something blindly, you should ask yourself a probe to fully understand the options so that you can make informed choices. References: What is most important to the 12 zodiac signs?

Instead of drinking bad stimulants for your body, they should be replaced with green tea, which contains catechins, which also helps prevent the growth of cancer cells, and also prevents cell mutations from contributing to. the development of cancer.


According to Confucian Submissions, Moon 135 degrees, Mercury shows that Taurus finds it difficult to express his actions corresponding to the emotions in his heart. You feel uncomfortable when you are not honest with your feelings.

You can nurture inner calm, then you can recognize who you are, no longer let the emotional distraction distract you. Then people will respect your personality more.

If you have a habit of washing your face with warm water, it should be removed early because hot water causes the blood vessels to become vulnerable, causing your skin to become irritated. It is better to use cold water when washing your face so as not to damage the skin.


According to the Daily Horoscope, Moon 135 degrees Jupiter shows Gemini can not concentrate but the requirements of the work so you have to make decisions extremely hastily, so quickly lead to errors are not worth it.

Wake up and see your world as a safe and peaceful place, ignoring worries and anxieties in life. The comfort you create for yourself will help you be more clear with your decisions today. Do you know you belong to this constellation on showbiz to be successful.

Unpredictable diet includes eating red meat, pre-processed foods, being lazy to eat vegetables, fruits and vegetables, eating food for the night, causing the body to lose nutritional balance. many cancers. So, change with a more scientific diet.


Followed by Horoscope July 31, 1818, today, the 30-degree moon Uranus shows that Cancer is no longer itself when faced with pressure, as if you can not be creative and ideas dissipate. Where to go when someone asks.

Do not try again, you do not have enough spirit to do with an empty soul. Respect your emotions, if you feel tired to rest, the idea will visit you at which you do not pay attention.

Sports is good but you should not overdo it, especially when your body is weak. You should limit your workout, keep your mind relaxed, be optimistic, avoid too strong movement.


Moon 60 degrees of Mars shows enthusiasm filled in the heart of the Leo Zodiac. Now that you do not do anything creative, it’s a waste.

Sometimes you should not dream too much because there are things far from reality. Look directly at the nature of the problem to avoid disappointment about the imagery you are building.

Many people have the habit of bathing many times a day, but many times the shower will make the benefits as well as the oil on the skin is lost, causing the skin to dry more. This makes the skin prone to cracking and you will face higher risk of skin infections. Therefore, should limit the bath as much as the current offline.


The Uranus of the Uranus shows Virgo strong, sometimes contradictory, that you can become an inspirational leader if you learn to control yourself.

According to the Van Nien calendar, from the unconscious, you do not accept that someone pursues a dream just because you find yourself not with them. Respect the opinions of others, do not assume that they pursue their passion is illusory, you look back now.

Once you have the money, do not save for long, but choose the time to invest and buy things to help you make more money. Long-term savings also become “dead,” the new cash flow is valuable, helping you get richer.


The lunar 135 degrees show that thanks to patience and calm in daily life has helped Libby a lot in difficult situations.

Instead of waiting for someone’s approval, do yourself a favor and prove your competence to them. Otherwise it is also a great experience you have gained from learning something. References: Pisces love – male Libra: love in the face also e

Foods rich in fats can cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn increases the risk of constipation. If you find it difficult to digest, you should avoid eating foods high in fat such as nuts, meat and cheese.


Moon 135 degrees Mercury shows that today Scorpio is difficult to keep secret, and sometimes words go before your thoughts. These words have created unwarranted conflict among people.

Be open to the new things of life. With the past experience of pain in the past, you may feel depressed, but take the strength to get back stronger, stronger. Do you know that the zodiac has the sharpest intuition, thanks to it that easily succeed?

Smoke and environmental pollution are increasing, so do not be subjective and remember to pay attention to wearing a mask, protecting the body when going to the streets or to dusty places.


The 60 degree Martian Moon shows that the health problems of the Sagittarius have improved. It may be due to the full rest that your body is resuscitated, the spirit more alert.

Stress, fatigue affect health, adjust the work of the day, limit stress, stress, anxiety every day to the spirit is always optimistic, fun.

One of your gifts for today is to show your personality freely. Your generosity works to heal the hurt that someone is suffering for a long time.


The moon, perpendicular to Saturn, shows insecurity. At this point, you must learn to handle frustration, depression and grief. Also, do not let the past make your heart ache, what is past let it pass.

Harness the inner power of your work. The miracles of any healthy connection within your capacity will greatly enhance your work, especially those related to the arts.

Fried food can be a favorite, but not good for your health. Many types of fried foods have low fiber content, which is not conducive to intestinal health. You should limit your eating of fried foods and your health will improve.


The Moon of 135 degrees, Mui Ne reminds Aquarius should control the personal interests. Maybe with a free spirit you are free to follow the emotions but it is bringing you hurt.

Be sure to check out the weather forecast today to better prepare your plans. According to weather forecast tomorrow 1/8: South of the flood reserve so be careful when traveling.

Limit snacks to snacks, since snacking from the mouth will produce less during meals, leading to food debris that stuck and stuck in the teeth for hours, which is easy to do. High risk of tooth decay.


The moon Pisces position indicates that someone’s negative energy is affecting you, stay away from them if you do not accomplish your task today.

Be determined to tell others what you want, do not want, do not be shy, but keep in your heart. Your experience can help a lot.

Exercise increases the amount of oxygen and the beneficial effects of the brain, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and reduces stress hormones. Therefore, do not be lazy that justify having no time to practice.

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