Wednesday, 31/01/2018 of Pieces: are cautious

Moon 135 degrees Saturn shows that Pisces is a hardworking and dedicated employee but careful about how to work. You are cautious, but do not be afraid to experiment to change, improve things in a better way. You have the ability to inspire others because of their level of dedication. If someone is bothering you, […]


Wednesday, 31/01/2018 of Aquarius: poor health, conflict with older people

Moon 180 degrees, you may encounter conflicts such as poor health, conflict with older people, friends … It may be because your psychology is not good so it is unacceptable. change. So, try to learn how to adapt to your situation. Remember that others can only make you crazy when you “let” them do it […]


Wednesday, 31/01/2018 of Capricorn: decide or comment on someone

Moon 150 degrees star Neptune reminds the Capricorn not to rush to decide or comment on someone. You have to learn to look at the nature of others rather than evaluate everything from the outside. The fact is that many people say good but bad! Successful people and many entrepreneurs work 60 to 80 hours […]


Wednesday, 31/01/2018 of Sagittarius: many people feel threatened

Moon Day 150 degrees Pluto shows that beside the intense emotions you make many people feel threatened. The success of this person comes from the ability to accomplish things by yourself, so do not expect too much to help someone else, you have to stand on your own to solve the problem you encounter. . […]


Wednesday, 31/01/2018 of Scorpio: polite and friendly nature

180 degree lunar day, you can be creative, sensitive, polite and friendly nature; You love art, music and beauty. This works very well for you if you use the power of imagination, however, if you let your thoughts go too far they will leave you in the dark. Much money is what everyone wants, but […]


Wednesday, 31/01/2018 of Libra: feel tired and stressed

Followed the horoscope on January 30, 1818, today, the Moon 180 degrees, the Moon foretells Libra can face trouble in today’s relationship. There are people, that trouble can also lead to divorce and financial danger. Intense tension makes you feel tired and stressed. You always try to please everyone but are increasingly aware that it […]


Wednesday, 31/01/2018 of Virgo: very happy

Moon in Virgo shows that you are serious but also very happy. You need tasks that require the work of both the mind and the limbs to promote your full potential. Get to work and do your best for the real work that brings you joy. Do not assume that everyone should be a friend, […]


Wednesday, 31/01/2018 of Leo: satisfy your emotions

The 180 degree Moon show that you are attractive, good-hearted and well known today. The more beautiful you want to emphasize the importance of beauty to satisfy your emotions. This is very good for those who work on design, creativity. You are generous in money, but not so inexpensive, you balance well between spending and […]


Wednesday, 31/01/2018 of Cancer: have been removed quickly

Neptune’s 150-degree moon shows that Cancer is always active in everything, you know how to be sympathetic and willing to support others when they need it without expecting a response. Even earlier contradictions have been removed quickly. Do not be afraid to give compliments in time to motivate your lover, your partner. Do not say […]


Wednesday, 31/01/2018 of Gemini: want to break up

The moon is 180 degrees so there is a conflict between the ego and the emotion inside the Gemini. Sometimes you want to break up, do something big but sometimes want to be safe so this contradiction constantly makes you feel very uncomfortable. Many relationships are good but it’s not good if it’s superficial, when […]