Wednesday, 10/01/2018 of Virgo: have an artistic interest in drawing

Neptune’s 120-degree moon shows that you have an artistic interest in drawing, music, movies and theatricality. But sometimes you do not develop your ability in this field because of the lack of it. will lessen the creativity needed for the job. Sometimes without the words, look in the eyes. People say that the eyes are […]


Wednesday, 10/01/2018 of Leo: has a strong sense of honor

Today, the 60-degree sun shows that Leo has a strong sense of honor and integrity, and can make quick and sharp decisions. Therefore, focus on the important things, this is not the time to neglect, neglected because of so many other nameless tasks. During this time, you should concentrate all your energy and work relentlessly […]


Wednesday, 10/01/2018 of Cancer: are very interested in you

Moon Day 120 degrees Neptune reminds you are too ideal romantic story compared to reality. It can be a sign that they are very interested in you, but in fact you will see that it is their common action for everyone, not just you. If you notice somebody’s comments directed at you, ask yourself why […]


Wednesday, 10/01/2018 of Gemini: are not as common

The moon of 45 degrees shows that Gemini has emotions that are not as common as you believe in your own judgments. It can be false guesses that make it easy to make wrong decisions, so try to control the situation at your fingertips. Watching the New Year’s goals make you nervous, but the fact […]


Wednesday, 10/01/2018 of Taurus: have some daring experimentation

Today, the 60-degree sun shows that Taurus wants to get out of his shell to have some daring experimentation. Safety is always what you want, but sometimes it’s boring, so you want to try it, but then you change your mind at the last minute. Most people lack the ability to live and work independently. […]


Wednesday, 10/01/2018 of Aries: has extraordinary desires

Today, the 120-degree moon Neptune points out that Aries has extraordinary desires. In the affair, you tend to be over-idealized and therefore self-deceiving your emotions. Although you know each other, you have put so much hope for the love story in an unstructured way. You have to try to escape from your sluggish situation. Be […]