Saturday, 05/05/2018 of 12 zodiac signs: the warm sunshine

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Aries may meet the love of his life this weekend. He can not take his eyes off Yangyang, the warm sunshine that you radiate out to anyone who wants to immerse into it.

The moon is at 120 degree angle with the sun, love is something that Aries does not know how to define, there is something you feel peace in the person, feel happy to be human. he loves.

But, do not let the job be affected by the love story. You need to show your abilities better, not just normal ones.


Taurus feels that he or she has something to hide, you want to find out, but are afraid that when the truth is revealed, his heart can not stand it, so he lied to himself. What happened.

The Moon is about 60 degrees from Neptune, and love of the wrong place can also cause tragedy. My heart is so miserable that I have to look at the truth and make the right decision.

The 12 constellations that Taurus put into work, so the job is going so well, you will probably be given more opportunities to show off your abilities. The reality is that you are on the right track and will be successful on your chosen path.


While the Moon is perpendicular to Mercury, Gemini may face difficulties in her work. This may be because you are not good at emotional control, agitated and agitated.

Your relationship with your co-workers may also be ruined by these things. Gemini should soon find a way to make peace with his colleagues offline. Doing the same environment together, soon borrowed anything to work together only.

In addition to the seventh bad luck of this zodiac is to let money fall out of his pocket. You make the wrong guess, the price will pay, it is not something so strange. But let’s get experience so that next time do not go to the car that fall again.


Today Jupiter lies 60 degrees out of the moon, the love story of Cancer is progressing very well. You have the charm that makes him can not take his eyes, feelings through the day more passionate passion.

The daily horoscope reveals that Cancer is a warm person but not everyone knows it because you do not look too formal, even cold. There is a thing, today he will be able to see your warmth when the Solution is concerned and caring people.

With your single, do not be afraid to express your feelings offline. Feel free to live up to your nature, love will come. Everyone has their own value, you are no exception.


Pluto is located in the same position as the moon, Leo feels his desire to show love to him. Love in the heart is so big that you just want to scream to the world about the happiness that you have.

Please do something sweet to make him surprise. Today is the weekend, the evening is cool, the couples are afraid to walk without each other, talk together, share the sentiment, surely it will create a romantic evening for them .

Leo, but also do not be afraid to participate in the meet face matchmaking offline. You may find this somewhat embarrassing, but let’s take a closer look. Nothing, we also know a person, not a lover can become friends.


Watching love fortune for Virgo this Saturday, your love affair is very good. Virgo is so much to look at, happiness is at your fingertips. There is nothing that can stop you from going out to happiness beyond yourself.

You do not expect too much, nor does it require his or her to be a brilliant person, this constellation emotes emotions. As long as two people are together, you can overcome many obstacles to reach the one you love.

However, invisible fears may also prevent you from falling in love with your life. You want to be happy, feel free to go, live as you are, do not have to try too much, love will come.


Today is the time when the moon is at a 60 degree angle to Neptune, the constellation of Libra may be affected by this effect, making it easy for her to get angry for no reason. special thing

It may be because of the emotional pain you are trying to avoid. Binh Nhi knows what is going on but tries to fool her, not allowing herself to look directly at the heartache.

But then there is nothing that can avoid fate. Binh Nhi please calm down and make clear before making a decision. Life has many things we can not predict, there is joy and sadness, but we have to be resilient to live on.


Watch the horoscopes of the 12 zodiac signs, where Mercury is perpendicular to the moon, Scorpio needs to rectify its attitude. You should be less arrogant, arrogant to go, because living humble is the pinnacle of understanding.

You do not have the attitude of progress, not absorbed the opinions of people gradually, you will only know what you think is right, become backward between the flow of modern, can not progress, nor Can move on the path of career.

Watch cable love affair, love story of this constellation today is not good, you need to trust more on that person rather than the suspicion of the other. The judgments that you think intuition is not exactly correct.


Sagittarius has a radiant 7th day of laughter. Today the moon is 60 degrees from Jupiter, Ma Ma is loved and caring heart. You have very attractive points that he just afraid that let go is to lose you.

Although he has a love-heart, Sagittarius also has his standards in love. You can have love, but many people love not decided many people at the same time. If he’s worried, let him know.

Today’s work does not have many difficulties or obstacles, everything happens quite smoothly, as well as the code, preparing to harvest the results.


The moon is located in the area of the Capricorn, maybe this constellation will encounter the sad affair in that today. Would you be more comfortable talking to make friends? What is scary when you get used to someone?

It is precisely because of the timidity that today can conceive of losing the destiny of his life. Do not let invisible fears take what you want and wait a long time.

At work, Bonds express themselves completely different. You do not let yourself be easily defeated but determined to get what you want, act in a realistic and assertive way, not letting the opportunity slip away from your hands.


The moon on the moon that coincides with Pluto will probably endure the sadness of the affair. You can make the person feel stuffy and uncomfortable so it can not continue.

Everyone should have their own space, love does not mean possession, let him have private space, never touch the limit. That will help your feelings are durable longer.

You have a passionate love heart, but do not let the fire of love burn yourself Aquarius. Live innocent and carefree with your age, mature gradually over time. Losing this life will become meaningless.


On the moon and the sun match the angle of 120 degrees, the seventh horoscope shows that Pisces is doing a great job. You are excited to work and enthusiastic to explore new things, give creative ideas to get the most effective way.

Not much ambition, you just want to do well what you are pursuing without setting too big goals. Children may have to plan their future, do not let the opportunity slip just because you do not have a good orientation to develop your career.

Watching love fortune, Pisces on this Saturday can easily be loved by many, many of whom are different. The work of the Children is to find the right person only.

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