Wednesday, 15/05/2018 of 12 zodiac signs: it can affect the exercise process and make you tired

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Moon square Neptune reminds Aries are troubled in the affair. If you are not careful, you may be cheating yourself with superficial emotions. See also: Aries of Aries?

Do not try to wake up or go to bed late to work harder because it does not really help you get better. You should find out yourself, work properly with the natural pace of the body, in time, the right thing to do is to use your time effectively.

At times of stress listen to music, listening to a favorite music can make us spirited spirit. Not only that, researchers have discovered that music has other benefits to human health.


According to Daily Horoscope, today, Moon 150 degrees Saturn show today Kim Ngưu afraid to express emotions. Actually speaking of your thoughts often and others are opposed to feelings is not pleasant but you should understand that, sometimes speak out for light hearted also, does not matter too right and wrong.

Love fortune telling reminder that, if emotional trouble, do not be discouraged. In love, there is no more suffering than to say goodbye to the person you once attached, but, break up is not the end of your happiness.

Remember that exercise gives you a lot of health benefits, but with the right conditions you have to work properly. On the other hand, if you just practice through the loudspeaker is not only not effective but also make you lose weight control.


The Moon in Gemini’s position makes Gemini’s judgment better than ever. Today, it is important to focus on making important decisions.

You should understand the fact that peak and descent energy is inevitable, so it’s important that you find ways to reconcile your work, rather than trying to work against it.

An important note for you is that after exercising, your body produces a lot of sweat so you need to replenish your water immediately after exercise. Remember to take a few sips of water rather than drinking too much, or drink a bottle of water, too much drinking can also be counterproductive.


Martian Day at Uranus shows that Cancer has a strong will today, which is sometimes the cause of the conflict. In addition, you can become an inspirational leader if you learn to control yourself better.

The difficulties facing the valuable lessons that we have are not easy from life. So, accept it with a positive attitude if you can not do anything else.

To protect your health as well as your skin you need to avoid touching your face to avoid bacteria sticking to and causing acne. In particular, after practice, you should also wash your hands with soap to remove bacteria from the hands.


Moon 150 degrees Saturn shows Leo is a hard-working, focused but cautious about how new work. You should be more open to new things, dare to take risks, then the success will be greater. Further reading: Lion Age: arrogant, hardworking

Time is gold, not wrong at all. Define your highly focused time frame to protect it, use it for the hardest, most creative, or most headaches.

Before going to the gym in the morning remember to eat lightly. If you do not eat a little bit of food, it can affect the exercise process and make you tired, so lethargic that you just want to eat more then to regain lost energy. This is why you are prone to obesity.


The moon is perpendicular to the Neptune’s Star if it continues to be unhealthy, so there will be a lot of worries for your body in the future. Have you ever been curious When 12 zodiac signs are murderers, what horror will happen?

Do not try to wait for the perfect thing, with every mistake you make, the more you know about yourself, as well as our limitations and strengths. Mistakes also help you to tolerate and be more patient with yourself as well as others.

Leave the habit of staying up late. Late night also causes the brain not to rest enough, leading to the sympathetic nervous system is always in a state of excitement, loss of control. Repeatedly overdose memory loss and distraction while working.


Uranus Moon shows that Libra is difficult to express emotions, difficult to connect emotions and sometimes you feel breathless, uncomfortable to keep a job in the heart.

Maybe you are a successful person but not good at talking to your parents. Make friends with your mother or father to bond your family and be the place to comfortably vent your mood.

The habit of eating, watching TV, computer, or phone is a bad habit that makes you eat more and can accidentally eat things that you should not eat and it also makes you more likely to suffer from stomach diseases, or gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, strictly remove this as soon as possible.


The lunar 135 degrees of Pluto show that Scorpio wants to express herself, especially what you are new to learn. However, not everyone agrees with you, so adjust the amount of information you say, do not like to say anything.

Do not make your present heavier because of the anxiety in the future. In the future, we will be faced with the task of carrying the burden of time, stress, pressure or even worse than hating ourselves.

You should not add sugar to the cafe because they can degrade immunity, cause stress and promote the aging process occurs soon. If you want to lose weight best, you should not add sugar to any drink that should be replaced with honey.


You have to better control your emotions otherwise it will manifest outside with words that are thoughtless, easily hurt others.

Horoscope 2018 reminds you not to shy away from your true feelings because it only works as a means to improve mood in the short term because the problem persists without disappearing. Be brave to face and unleash it, you will feel everything is softer.

Healthy living, no cost under normal conditions of most people can help people live longer, healthier. So why not choose a healthy lifestyle without alcohol, stimulants?


Moon 135 degrees Pluto shows today the intense feelings of the Capricorn can make others feel threatened. Therefore, when the fun should not be too fun and when sad do not try to exaggerate things up.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, because that is when you learn the valuable lessons of life. When we face mistakes, we will no longer worry or make mistakes again.

If you lose focus regularly you can chew gum. Although it does not have any nutritional benefits, it has been proven to also work to help you focus, increase memory, reduce stress and balance hormones.


Uranus 45 degrees today show that Aquarius is capable of great intelligence in handling the assigned tasks. But you need to handle a bit stubborn, stubborn personality of yourself. Also, do not forget to follow the Buddha’s teachings: Live peacefully, happy, wealthy.

If you are taking turns in work and relationships and only spend time with friends, colleagues and lovers, but we do not have much time for parents, it is time to consider. re-timed his. Let your parents be in more privileged positions than you will find things to be different.

Do not be afraid to eat your belly for a long time. A heartburn after you have had a really good meal for your stomach as it helps to reduce the air in the digestive system. However, if you are overly burdened, you may want to see a doctor as it may be a symptom of acid reflux disease.


The Moon of 150 degrees Saturn shows that Pisces is conservative today, more modest in expressing emotions. You want to protect yourself from being hurt by unintended remarks by those around you.

You can deal with negative emotions that are related to a task by avoiding it, but this is a measure of self-defeating. So think positively and you will not need to evade any difficulties because you are capable of handling them.

Do not be hungry, and split up your meals. Eating in extreme hunger can put you out of control over what you eat and eat more than you consume. weight gain.

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