25/05/2018 of 12 Zodiac signs: not only affect the brain

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Today, 120-degree Saturn’s day, Neptune shows Aries the inspiration and you want to shoulder a lot of responsibility from work to home. As a person who is clearly aware of their responsibilities, you should take them seriously.

Do not hold too much of a job, remember, if you do not finish your job right now, you can do it at other times, rather than just sitting in your room trying not to do anything.

Health issues are always important enough to get you energized at work. So do not forget to spend 150 minutes per week to exercise lightly. This could be taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking 20 minutes a day or taking part in a sport that interests you.


The 150 degree Mercury Moon shows that the zodiac signs of taurus will have trouble dealing with problems because your emotions and thoughts do not always fit together. So, before you say anything, you have to think of the problem as if it were not easy for the opponent to object.

Do not let your worries make you tired. Let’s embark on the mental action you will be up to. For example, if the stress on rent comes next month, find a job as soon as possible.

You are good at saving money in the hands of quite a lot of money. That’s a good habit, do not let other people talk to you.


Continuing on May 24, 2015, today, the 135-degree Moon reminds Gemini of over-abusive health and overwork that is often the reason why work efficiency is not high though. spend a lot of time at work.

To get more comfortable, work better each morning, before you start work, take some time to remember the three things that you feel grateful for or think of the good things in the game. live your life as it will motivate you to work all day.

Do not show any signs of bad health of the body immediately take medication. For example, if you have a headache, focus on deep breathing until you feel the air filling your chest, slowly exhale and relax. Do this for about 10 times, you will feel relaxed and headache.


The Moon of the 90 degree Pluto shows that the zodiac Cancer of the day is a bit rebellious. You feel you should do something to change the current situation. But from thought to action is still far away because you still prefer to choose a safer way.

Do not be afraid to laugh at work, sometimes serious work too make the atmosphere of the job becomes stressful. The fact is that when fun, relax we have new ideas.

Enjoying fresh air is a great way to bring the brain into a “state of meditation,” which relaxes the mind, restores energy and improves memory. So, whenever possible, spend some time during the day walking outdoors that will be great for your body.


Mercury 120 degrees Pluto shows Leo is brave today and likes to compete. However, you too require too much from others, so remember that not everyone has the same knowledge as you, so they need time to learn and adapt gradually.

If you equate savings with “cheap” means you make mistakes. Simple savings are the maximum use of what you have and buy, not buying things you do not really need.

Omega 3 and other essential fatty acids are extremely important for cardiovascular health, which can slow down aging and maintain a healthy body. So, do not forget to add healthy fats by eating fish, avocado, walnuts, chia seeds, coconut oil and olive oil.


The Moon of 30 degrees, Jupiter reminds Virgo of today is pretty rush, you decide things so fast that you can not think well. Do not let things go in the wrong direction because of your selfishness.

At this point you should set aside the past, what we can hold is the present moment. Now, enjoy each moment, capture every moment you are chatting and with everyone. Do not forget the secret of live fun just for you to find the right way to adjust.

Using alcoholic beverages such as alcohol, beer … not only affect the brain, causing damage to the heart, liver, stomach but also ruin your spirit. Especially the hot summer days, you should stay away from alcohol to ensure your health as possible.


Moon in position Libra brings peace, pleasant in your inherent character. You are loved by your own judgment and justice, even if you sometimes make someone unhappy for your frankness.

Even in the workplace, you can try some stretching exercises to reduce stress. The simplest exercise with just a few easy moves is to slightly rotate your head in a circle, then roll your shoulders forward and backward.

Do not delude yourself into the fact that you have to have as many friends on Facebook as you like to have a real connection outside. If you feel lonely, call your friends or start a new hobby or hobby – dancing, tennis, badminton, social activities …


Today, 120 degrees of Star Neptune shows that Scorpio is the parent of the forged from the baby, so you have the right virtue and standards. This will help you get ahead in your work because of your serious attitude and commitment to accomplishing your assigned tasks.

Learn the shopping habits of your parents, grandparents too. They will not buy just because of the look of the device, but what it does is important. Learn to buy things because of its function, not because of its appearance, to save money.

The important thing in this summer is that you have to drink enough water. Eat 8 cups of water 200ml each day. And do not forget to drink a glass of water before you use coffee in the morning.


Moon 90 degrees Pluto reminds the Sagittarius to learn how to control his temper. Just think of the consequences that can happen after your anger. You will be easier to control yourself. In love, do not rush, do you know that you belong to the “drop-off” group of the female zodiac?

Do not focus too much on creating workplace stress. The connection between people starting with laughter, and laughing while working, while solving problems will bring you new ideas.

The brain’s intelligence is not only related to learning, memory and mental health but also to the food you eat. Therefore, learn to gradually eliminate bad foods such as hamburgers, fries, soft drinks, processed foods …


Moon 150 degrees star Neptune shows the Capricorn look cool but you are very kind, you know sympathy and willing to help others. You are a reliable person, but everyone is the same but not always easy to calculate with people.

For those who do too much wrong, do not be too conciliatory, before forgiving them you must have the proper punishment to show their repentance.

The thing to do when you have a tension headache is to stay away from the cause of stress. If you are having trouble with a pile of work, stop it and walk out of the office in a matter of minutes.


Mercury 120 degrees Pluto shows you witty, diplomatic, influential people. Actually what you say is the knowledge, the experience you have in this life.

The most regrettable thing in life is to overlook the opportunity to enjoy beautiful nature. So, if you have the opportunity to watch the flowers bloom, the sunlight through the window do not be afraid to spend a few minutes to enjoy beautiful moments because it also helps to relieve a lot of life stress.

Eat more and get plenty of nutrition at breakfast, lunch, avoid overeating at dinner. The balanced diet of green vegetables, meat and starch.


The 30 degree Moon show that Pisces is wandering with thoughts of doing this and thinking about doing it tomorrow. First, learn to be patient and calm in your daily life that will help you in many situations. See also: Mastering 7 things, sure saw her shed Pisces

Live simply because there is a gentle mood to be happy. But it is simply not indifferent to everything, nor is it naive but to reach the supreme realm of wisdom, the maturity of intelligence.

Close-up eyesight is an extremely effective remedy to relieve stress. It may be unbelievable, but in fact, your headache will be greatly reduced if you apply it.

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