Sunday, 22/04/2018 of 12 zodiac signs: better than ever

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The Moon’s position of Cancer gives Aries the intuitive sensibility, better than ever. You know what to do to make people comfortable, feel loved, accepted and needed.

Holidays do not stay in the house forever. Staying too tight in a tight area will make you tired and stressed. Get out, get some sunshine and breathe in fresh air.

Your money is also influenced by the people around you, which mirrors the people you touch regularly. So, go back to the people who can help you manage your finances better.


Moon 60 degrees stars show that Taurus is working hard to fulfill his ambition. Your goal is to be right but do not neglect the relationships around you.

On weekends, to get more emotionally attached, spend time with your partner, or straighten out dating time with them. Get together for dinner, go shopping for a book, or just walk around the park and talk about innocent stories … seeing each other often is the way to build relationships with your partner.

Do not believe in and follow the two-liter criteria of drinking water per day. You should understand that a person’s daily water needs are very individual and depend on many internal and external factors. Accordingly, the amount of water needed for a person’s day depends on the daily activities, health status and climatic environment in which he or she resides.


The moon’s perpendicular Uranus reveals Gemini’s great intellectual ability. You are passionate about reading, so your knowledge really makes people abstinent.

Your love affair is stable, nothing to worry about. When you love, do not promise too much, just pray that you will try to keep, bring each other happy until either one or two are no longer happy together. Reference: Love the zodiac you easily get into suffering

If you are busy you can buy oatmeal for breakfast. Oatmeal can be considered a good start to a new day. The amount of calories in this dish is very little, but it can help us feel full longer, especially enhanced concentration.


Moon Cancer Position shows you want everything to be safe but try to look at safety and low income, safe without the power to help more people is worth it? Get out of your safety circle to open up new exciting horizons waiting for you to discover out there.

In the affair, the fact nobody knows anyone, it is important that your heart is open to the imperfection of the enemy or not. Do not expect too much, instead, accept the personalities and improve the bad points in him.

Being in a closed room all day has a negative impact on your well-being and health, while the sun’s natural sunshine will be of great help to you. So, go out, physical activity will help reduce the feeling of fatigue, drowsiness and sleepiness. If you need to be awake, take a quick walk or run up and down the stairs a few times.


The lunar position of Leo shows that you are respected for your intelligence, but sometimes you become stubborn, stubborn to think you are right, do not want to receive more opinions of others. Let’s try to listen to some good ideas from somebody.

If you are having problems, do not keep your own problems and find solutions yourself. Tell your relatives, spouses, or friends to help you. Do not let the problem persist and aggravate.

Your health is affected a lot because your mood is not good. Do not assume that health is influenced by diet and exercise alone, and that mental health is a factor in your health.


The lunar 135 degrees Neptune shows that Virgo today is very empathetic, knows others and you become more open, loving than ever before because of your closeness and affection.

If you focus too much on asking you to sit for too long, standing up and walking around is the best way to get your body up. Gentle movement will make the body absorb oxygen more easily, thereby stimulating the concentration back.

The lack of water will cause many health problems, whereas excessive consumption of water is dangerous, especially for people with heart disease. Therefore, when drinking water, listen to your body rather than taking someone’s advice.


The Moon is perpendicular to Uranus. Can say today no work can “make it difficult” you. You quickly find the advantage, promote your strength in all areas.

Be careful to note the amount of money spent each day because if you know what you usually spend on things, you will easily control the pocketbook. In addition to determining the goal is to spend money on important things, and cut unnecessary activities.

Holidays have more time to eat. Do not consume as much food as possible, too much energy can cause the same effect. To stay alert, choose healthy snacks with plenty of fiber, protein and beneficial fats.


The Moon, which is perpendicular to the Sun, shows that you have the urge to complete the task, which is why you conflict between the self and the emotion. Reminding Scorpio should learn to control his emotions better than to make mistakes today.

Love affair extremely nice bring you many good news emotional. Single people find the right person, however, not to meet each other as they begin. It is often said that the food is still craving for good food, let the enemy feel the urgency and desire to meet you more.

If you want to adjust your nightly habits for a healthier life, start with little things like going to bed earlier than 30 minutes a day and gradually increasing. Do not use the phone, computer before bedtime, adjust lighting, bedroom temperature appropriate for deep sleep and calm.


The 60 degree Martian Moon shows today that Sagittarius is considered “superfluous”, however, if you transform this energy into creativity, it is very convenient. Do not let them turn you into negative because your ability to hurt others is very high.

To prepare for the future, open your savings account to avoid wasting money on pay. When opening a savings account, if the salary increase, you should also increase the corresponding number into your account. This is the surest way to build your fortune.

In the face of stress, you can watch cute videos about animals that help you feel better by helping to increase the amount of oxytocin (a neurotransmitter that increases your sense of confidence).


The Moon, which is perpendicular to the Sun, shows that the Capricorn is prone to conflict, conflict with relatives and friends for dissent. If stress is too much you should keep silent is more because the more the problem can not be resolved, then the talk only go dead end.

At the end of your vacation, use a note sheet and list the specific tasks and time to be completed, which will help you motivate and focus on solving work more effectively.

Research shows that a short nap at noon is even better than having a good night’s sleep, which not only enhances alertness and attention, but also boosts memory. Therefore, it is a good idea to take some time to relax before going back to work in the afternoon.


The lunar 135 degrees, Neptune reminds Aquarius not to look at one-sidedly, they will make you misjudge the problem, the misbehavior and the deadlift.

People make each other easy, recognize each other’s new good hard. Learn to praise the enemy even if it’s the smallest thing, such as picking up garbage, drying clothes or repairing the roof … This not only shows that you respect him well, but also creates a cheerful atmosphere. .

Maybe you do not care but the effect of foot massage is best is your headache. Even if the headache is related to the sinuses, due to tension in the neck, the foot massage can help to alleviate the pain.


The moon’s perpendicular Uranus shows you have unusually difficult emotions. It is unjust that people find Pisces the most difficult in the zodiac. If you do not control your emotions, you will be prone to “adventure” and no one understands what you are saying.

There are more expenses that you are missing out on just because you bought the item before. But experts say that the major expenses needed are housing and transportation, so save money to prepare for these big expenses.

Summer drink yogurt just cool and improve health. Yogurt is also good for health because it is rich in nutrients. In particular, yogurt contains a component called tyrosine, which helps to produce a neurotransmitter that improves memory and promotes brain focus.

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