Tuesday, 18/04/2018 of 12 zodiac signs: understand that your personality can not change

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Moon 135 Degree Pluto Reminds Aries of not trying to be more self-confident than someone else, the more you try to show that you are vulnerable or somebody is taking advantage.

You can not have everything, do everything at the same time. You have to give up something to have something else and you can not get it all. Accept it to focus on doing as little as possible.

Do not be afraid to lose sleep, if you always think about insomnia, the more afraid of insomnia, the more easily lost sleep. People need to understand that when an average person gets insomnia, occasional sleeplessness does not affect your daytime life.


Moon in Taurus shows that your slow, safe too will make people uncomfortable. However, you understand that your personality can not change because for you it is to show patience, calm and steady.

Weight loss by skipping dinner is a lack of wisdom. Stomach pains and low blood sugar levels make it difficult to sleep and fatigue, and fall asleep the next day. In addition, lack of sleep will increase hunger and cause you to eat more the next day. So, eat a light meal in the evening instead of starving.

What to do with the accumulated amount of money is that you should ask yourself before starting your money plan. Set specific goals for the next 2-3 or 5 years so that you will have more motivation to save money.


The moon in the Gemini position shows today that you have good judgment so when deciding what to listen to inside, you will make wise choices for yourself.

Use money wisely to extract a small amount to save from the beginning, then consider spending the rest. Keep doing this regularly and you will realize the special effects from this habit.

Daily diet is also an important factor that you need attention. Foods that are high in fat, or spicy foods, are not good for your health.


The sun is at the same corner as Uranus, showing that you have the ability to lead, be sensitive to abnormalities. But you do not fond of fame, like to focus on what you want to do, love to discover.

You must learn to deal effectively with criticism and you should take action after evaluating those criticisms. Take it, the people around you will give you more sincere insights into the future.

To keep the skin always bright and clean apart from cleansing before going to bed, you should also note to wash your face twice a day in the morning after waking up and at night before going to sleep, do not forget to take Night skin care to protect the face even while sleeping.


Moon 60 degrees stars show that you have intelligent, careful, healthy, logical and correct thinking and are an interesting way of presenting yourself. As a result, your work today goes smoothly, without worrying about anything.

It seems you often find it difficult to find a good friend. This makes you feel lonely, lost because they assume that no one is able to evaluate and enjoy their wisdom. However, there are still colleagues who have the same ideas that you are ignoring.

When subtracting monthly expenses, the rest is too small to save. If you keep spending like this, you will not know when you can begin to plan for yourself. So, as soon as you receive something, make a small deduction for savings.


The lunar 135 degrees show the contradiction between the needs and emotions of Virgo. Emotional anxiety can make you act in a hurry, hasty and very angry. Try to better control your mood by taking a deep breath, relaxing in anger.

Complex thinking gives you the ambition to look for bigger and bigger goals. If you continue like this, you do not know how to enjoy the pleasures of everyday life, so try to get rid of the great ideas but not in real life for you to have fun. complete with the present.

When the weather is hot, remember to use sunscreen, a hat, a sunscreen, a jacket when it comes to sun exposure. Also, do not forget to add the necessary vitamins, good for the body, especially the skin.


Moon 150 Saturn indicates that the mood is not good today, so you will not be comfortable feeling your emotions with other people. to protect their feelings.

When you can not talk to anyone you can choose a quiet corner to think about. Long time to yourself is okay but do not prolong this situation for too long.

To keep a happy marriage, do not be in the house to bring out one to the other. Belief is the essence of any relationship. If the belief is broken, the risk of the two will also suffer very high trouble.


Moon 135 degrees Pluto shows you have significant challenges, proud. Your success comes from being able to accomplish things by yourself, not by anyone else.

Whenever someone hurt but never stop believing in love. You deserve someone who accepts you, albeit at any time. Your destiny has never been in someone’s hands.

To have a bright face, confident you should ensure enough sleep. Sometimes staying up late makes you feel tired, resulting in pale skin, black skin.


The Moon is in the position of Gemini to provoke the Sagittarius to share more about the self-understanding. You have the ability to speak fluently and can speak non-stop.

Everyone wants to understand and sympathize. Feeling comfortable when having meaningful conversations with people who share thoughts and share ideas and views about the world is invaluable. Therefore, in addition to sharing you should listen to the enemy more.

You should pay more attention to your daily diet, not for fear of gaining weight fast without eating meat or sugar. Sometimes it’s okay to eat too much because it’s not good for you to eat too much, the body needs to add a lot of nutrients to create balance.


The sun, which coincides with Uranus, shows that today the Capricorn is attracted to something new, perhaps a modern occupation, especially in the political arena. Discover what you love because it gives you great knowledge and insight.

Feeling helpless, unwilling to accept the time and space you belong to, you are trying to resist everything. Live by nature you can find solutions for yourself when the circumstances pushed.

Never mind when you are in bed, if there is a need to think, you should write a plan to do first, can arrange work tomorrow before going to bed. Remember that if there are many concerns will interfere with sleep and lead to insomnia.


The 150 degree Saturn gives Aquarius a sense of separation, alien to what is thought to be familiar. You have to find the feeling of comfort to be able to express what is contained in your heart.

We are all very sensitive, uncomfortable, mindful of what our in-laws treat ourselves with. Because they can not help but often add fuel to the fire that makes you or have negative thoughts about the family’s husband more.

In the sun you should not shower the skin will be dry, wash your hands repeatedly, causing the wrinkles of the wrinkled due to dehydration. One bath a day is enough to remove the bacteria on the body.


The Moon of 150 degrees Saturn shows that Pisces is noted for their hard work, dedication. You have the ability to inspire others because of your level of dedication.

Admit that you can not know everything. You may be ambitious but remember that success is the work of many people and will seek help when needed.

In hot summer sun, you should add lots of fresh vegetables and fruits during the day to both help beautiful skin and prevent the maximum risk of acne.

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