Wednesday, 31/01/2018 of Pieces: are cautious

Moon 135 degrees Saturn shows that Pisces is a hardworking and dedicated employee but careful about how to work. You are cautious, but do not be afraid to experiment to change, improve things in a better way. You have the ability to inspire others because of their level of dedication.

If someone is bothering you, speak to them straight away but with gentle words. The more specific the speech will help the other person understand the problem you want to address. At the same time, it also gives the opponent the opportunity to share their way of thinking in the same event.

Muscle contains a large amount of water inside, so drinking enough water will help to strengthen muscles. For this reason, coaches often advise you to add water before, during, and after training so that your muscles are adequately supplied with water, reducing the risk of developing inflammation and soreness. . So do not forget to replenish your water regularly, even if you are not really thirsty.

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