Wednesday, 31/01/2018 of Taurus: comfortable and gentle

Moon 135 degrees Saturn reminding Taurus not to try to protect themselves by the self-contained boundaries to protect their feelings. Sometimes when you open up to share a little you will feel more comfortable and gentle. Everyone has their own personal life that is hard to balance work and life balance and happiness. But only […]


Wednesday, 31/01/2018 of Aries: having a reputation is good

Moon 150 degrees Pluto shows Aries should be removed from the ego because the more you try to prove yourself vulnerable to injury and abuse. Having a reputation is good, but because of that, trade off the peace that is there, should not it? Confidence in yourself is a decisive factor for success. So, to […]


Saturday, 27/07/2018 of Pieces: thanks to its infinite creativity

When the moon is 90 degrees from Neptune, Pisces will gain a lot of success in its work thanks to its infinite creativity. You need to promote this more, do not be afraid to fail without dare to express yourself. When we are not confident, it is easy to lose the opportunity to advance. No […]


Saturday, 27/07/2018 of Aquarius: reconsider the reason

Aquarius is very hurt when he does not really understand himself. Perhaps you should reconsider the reason, because when two people do not share and confide in each other, the distance will gradually stretch, to understand each other is difficult, especially when two people are always two independent individuals . Loneliness makes you bored and […]


Saturday, 27/07/2018 of Capricorn: waits for the answer

The moon is about 45 degrees from Uranus, and Macbeth feels nervous as he waits for the answer. You have great sensitivity, but that does not make the baby feel more pressured, especially in the affair, because you always want to make him happy. However, discovering the zodiac, at work, you are quite conservative, insists […]


Saturday, 27/07/2018 of Sagitarius: will promote their talents

On the day of the moon 120 degrees with Venus, Sagittarius will promote their talents in matters related to art. This may give the constellation more opportunities in his career, expanding the scope of his work. The Sagittarius’s cheerful optimism is the attraction of the opposite sex. There are so many people immersed in the […]


Saturday, 27/07/2018 of Scorpio: much help from everyone

This 7th Scorpio can receive much help from everyone. So there are difficulties in the work should also share, if you need help please. You can not deal with it yourself but hesitate, embarrassment makes the whole thing worse. In addition, you need to be more confident in your personal capacity. Work is always challenging, […]


Saturday, 27/07/2018 of Virgo: pay attention to money offline

Virgo in the horoscope today should pay attention to money offline. You have the information, the whole, not normally, but today suddenly have some power that makes you see everyone is trustworthy, then handed their money to the wrong person. . Moon is about 150 degrees with Neptune, Virgo is always burning passionate heart, but […]


Saturday, 27/07/2018 of Leo: not be happy

When the Moon is perpendicular to Neptune, Leo may not be happy because of the unintelligent romance. You think he understands and accepts his feelings, but to the end, all dreams of happiness are just illusions. Although you yourself know the probability of success is not high but the heart prompts, Leo himself ignores these […]


Saturday, 27/07/2018 of Cancer: the opposite sex

Venus and the moon fit together at a 120 degree angle, Cancer has a surprising charm to the opposite sex. You have the subtlety that not everyone has. The cold but hidden hidden deep heart is burning, making love constantly sublime. The most important thing of love is not understanding but feeling. Only when you […]