Saturday, 27/07/2018 of Aquarius: reconsider the reason

Aquarius is very hurt when he does not really understand himself. Perhaps you should reconsider the reason, because when two people do not share and confide in each other, the distance will gradually stretch, to understand each other is difficult, especially when two people are always two independent individuals .

Loneliness makes you bored and always wants to find excuses to stay with him, but to the opponent it is the weariness, weariness, no private space for the time needed. You should let him have his own sky, find more for his other interests as well as spend more time with his friends.

When Pluto deviated 150 degrees to the moon, Aquarius could win the job in his own right. As long as you try and make the effort, believe that you can, confident that everything will be okay then that is the greatest source of motivation.

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