Friday, 1/12/2017 of Capricorn: instead of mocking someone to focus on developing themselves

Moon 180 degree star Jupiter proved successful to you easily. If you do not handle this corner well then you will become self-respect and always considered yourself the most. Everyone has their own efforts and they have not been as successful as you because they do not have enough time, instead of mocking someone to focus on developing themselves otherwise people will soon overtake you in the future. .

If the enemy is upset and angry, do not try to argue with them about their personal views. Instead, gently suggest that this later or another appointment will help resolve the conflict quickly. When calm, both of them will see the problem more objectively and easily understand the opinions of the opponent.

Cold weather will make the nasal cavity narrower, remember not to use nasal drops which make the nasal mucosa lose their antibacterial properties as well as can not warm the air layer before they are introduced into the body. Instead, remember to blow your nose well before you go out.

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