Friday, 02/03/2018 of 12 zodiac signs: How to stop sorrow?

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Today, Mercury’s 120 degrees of Jupiter show that you are loved for being kind, gentle and cheerful. Today you also show good foreign language ability, good ability to sense and that is your strength to impress people.

Ignoring your self-interest, sacrificing yourself for the sake of others can be considered a virtue. However, when you lower your needs, standards, it is likely that someone will hurt you. Learn to love yourself, do not let your sacrifices be wasted.

You may think that sitting for hours is not a big deal and difficult to implement but in fact it is a dangerous and not harmful to health. Try to step out of your chair more and try to get a little more active every day. You will improve your health immediately.


The Moon at 120 degrees Pluto shows that Taurus is very deep in emotion, but that does not mean that anyone is happy to be acquainted with, you are just willing to give in to the one you love. Feel totally confident and all need time.

Today, if you always have the thought of wanting to delay, wake yourself up by believing that only a few minutes are over, otherwise your mind will form a habit, and create ” short term “. You will not be able to set long-term goals for the future. From there, you allow yourself to be satisfied with your own reality.

Do not forget to exercise every day as this also gives you a lot of benefits in the work. Regular exercise can improve your mood and relax your body, improve self-esteem and confidence.


According to the Daily Horoscope, today, the Moon, perpendicular to Venus, ominously warns you of discord in the affair. Even people who have been opposed to love by their families or lack understanding, are now full of energy. Remove yourself from the disturbance to calm down, find a solution.

Everyone has different views and lifestyles. Sometimes, to maintain your relationship, you choose to live from the perspective of others, rather than renew your life. However, only you know what is really good for you. In life, you will lose some friends, but in return, you will learn how to grow.

Take a look at how sleep does not make you grow old, for example, sleeping on your stomach, your head turning to the side to tighten the neck, as well as limiting blood to the brain. Lie on the side, which changes the shape of your face. If you sleep on a high pillow, it will create wrinkles on the neck.


Moon 60 degree Jupiter show that you are facilitated in the work is not natural. Be kind, help others and put yourself in the enemy situation. Keep on promoting this personality as you go further in your career when you have real talent.

If you’ve made a lie to yourself that you’re not afraid to change, it’s just that the environment and the people around you are not changing. But if you are not the beginning, who will start? You are the only person capable of changing your choices and determining your own life.

While busy, do not forget to work regularly, do not sit for too long. Physical activity affects the production of serotonin, which helps to limit imbalances that can lead to depression, memory problems and appetite.


Moon Day 180 degrees Mercury shows Leo is very good imagination and in addition, you are very sensitive to the reactions of others, this is really the power to promote your ability in the work.

Sometimes when you find something that is too hard, do not be afraid because you did it with sincerity. If you are sincere with a person, you will receive sincerity from that person. And that is more virulent than someone’s true ability to work.

If you are insomnia, please see if you are lazy or not. Your body considers continuous sitting as a rest, even when you are operating in a sitting position. Therefore, if you “rest” all day, your body decides that you no longer need sleep and relaxation time. As a result, your sleep quality decreases, you often lose sleep and become extremely tired.


The moon in the Virgo position shows that you are usually serious, so people just think you’re hard. But on the other hand you are also cheerful, orderly, and very caring about your health habits.

Today, you earn points with friends and relatives because of their simple, thrifty, orderly and emotionless lifestyle. You are truly dedicated and caring for your loved ones with your sincerity.

The truth is nobody can change other people except themselves. Some people may be inspired by you, from which they change their behaviors as well as their thoughts but that does not mean they will follow the path you choose, even if they have a close relationship. . So, do not force someone to do the same thing.


The moon 180 degrees of Mars shows that you are quite impatient to tolerate the heavy speech of others. You like the light and just want someone to say the language affectionately for you. Get used to the various types of speech so that you can like to think and calm in any situation.

Instead of standing still hoping people around you, you should renew your life yourself. No one can help you improve yourself beyond yourself. Living situation only affects you in part, important because you choose how to live.

For love to go further, you should be gentle, more discreet, especially women of this bow. When dating, men often promote a girl with adventure or absolute charm, when choosing their mate, they want to find about the simplicity and safety.


Next Horoscope March 1, 2015, today, the Moon 150 degrees Star Ting Ting reminiscent of familiarity with the pressure, do not because of stress every time, do things too, considerate, easy to do Great job. You really have the power, but remember that arrogance is not good at all.

Sometimes you think that you have learned a good habit, but it seems to be temporary, as time passes, the motivation to develop disappears, and people come back to their own nature. myself. To improve yourself, you need to be more strict.

If you experience stress, then it is time to rest, relax and plan your happy weekend.


Moon 60 degree Jupiter, good angle for the work as a writer and philosopher. Today you are easily attracted to someone of the opposite sex but do not be blind, they may be using you. Even if you spend your time, remember that it takes time, do not rush.

You have less money but not necessarily effective when the number of times less but the amount spent each time it is larger. Even if you have not used the money you are using, look at how to use your money.

Whether it’s a long day in the office, an evening spent hours in front of the television or playing an electronic game for hours, the time spent sitting most of the day is not a thing. Beneficial to anyone. So, keep in mind that trying to work more often such as walking, walking, climbing stairs …


Moon 120 degrees Pluto reminder that many times when you promise to finish and forget, you also swallow, and you can alienate others. But fortunately, some people understand that they are ignorant of this mistake.

You may feel more comfortable sitting, but remember, sitting down for many hours will shorten your life span. Ideally, stand up for 1 hour every day to reduce the risk.

If you want to become a friend of your loved one, make sure you can be in the same company with them. At the very least you need to understand that men are always protected and protected for the family, and in order to be successful in their careers, they need a strong back ground.


Mercury Day is an optimistic one, and you want to do a lot of new things to improve the situation. This combination is good for jobs related to literature, journalism, publishing, teaching, consulting …

If the total happiness is 10 points, then 5 points you will get from the previous generation, 1 point due to living circumstances and 4 points due to your attitude of living. Therefore, do not take the excuse of “living circumstances” that make you so frustrated by yourself.

If you have been used to sedentary life before, change requires you to work harder than others. However, if you have established habits, you will constantly maneuver and refresh yourself inertia without external influences. Therefore, do not be afraid when the first days of training and overcome difficulties have long existed in you.


The Moon, which is perpendicular to Venus, shows that Pisces today wants to stand out, you speak louder, more laughter, the purpose is to attract attention. However, remember that “say long talk wild”, so should refrain from saying his rewardless, innocent.

Often, we feel lack of motivation to change because we default that it is great. But the slightest changes will make the picture of your life change dramatically. So do not hesitate to make the first steps.

Your love affair is very good, if anyone wants to speak to their audience should promote immediately. It is not natural that our grandparents teach “the time, the land, the peace”. The time must be chosen correctly, this will be the deciding factor whether your confession is successful or not.

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