Monday, 05/02/2018 of Scorpio: can easily mess things up

Moon in the position Scorpio show that your emotions are strong and never superficial. That is why you always want things that happen to you to be special, memorable. However, do not think everything is so heavy that you can easily mess things up.

You have real talent but do not be too proud, complacent. Maybe you deserve a higher position, but that does not mean you have to quit your job at this time. You will not be able to eat Tet again if you become unemployed. Instead, focus on the current job well and prepare yourself for a solid foundation, ready for new changes in the next year.

A very good habit that you maintain over the years is to travel. This year also do not forget to take the time to travel. Each special trip has an impact to make your life change in a more positive way.

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