Monday, 1/1/2018 of Aquarius: are expanding your emotions

The lunar 135 degree Jupiter indicates that you are expanding your emotions, which is why you are easily fooled. This time, should avoid financial speculation. The same investment opportunity, but can be other people but you are lost in a moment, so do not rush.

Whenever you see a problem, you often see the object to blame. If you make a mistake in the economic market, your environment or your current situation is not good, you will not be able to progress until you realize your role and act as a facilitator. My destiny.

The fact is, dating is the best time for you to find out and evaluate if that person really suits you or not. So do not be too blind when someone brings so many good things to you. Look at the nature of what they will be able to do, not be able to make you at the end of this stage to less disillusioned about the affair.

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