Monday, 1/1/2018 of Leo: warm hearted heart

Neptune’s 120-degree moon shows that you have a warm hearted heart, sincere and have a special love for art, music, singing and dancing. If your work is not related to the field, it is wasteful, but okay, let those hidden artistic abilities help you to flourish in your current job.

Blaming others or the circumstances to justify their own difficulties or challenges has become a routine. Do you really have to overcome your own big self? You are really talented but remember to live humble new is the pinnacle of understanding.

If the affair is heavy, we tend to think that our relationship is strong, from which we become less interested in the opponent. In a relationship, sometimes it takes some quarrels, temporary breaks … Then you can see whether your relationship is sustainable or not. So, do not be afraid when the two of you have a little conflict.

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