Saturday, 31/03/2018 of 12 zodiac signs: condone this constellation

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Saturday, how is Aries moving when the moon is 45 degrees from Jupiter? Please condone this constellation because you do not seem to have much luck today. Work is not smooth smoothly, but love story is also precarious.

Yang Yang is always optimistic and happy, but sometimes misunderstood, the big ego makes you not easy to ignore, the conflict is growing larger. Use in the anger, the feelings between the two embryos fade when they do not know.

At work, you also have the “chain” when the discouragement and let down everything. Not finding inspiration to work as hard as you are, Yangyang felt that he needed a new move, eliminating the tedious and boring before.


With Taurus, there is a moon 90 degrees above Mars in the weekend, a series of fun and sad intertwined. Talk about fun! These are the successes that this constellation can bring in this Saturday.

You are passionate about your work, your energy is abundant, it seems like love work makes you become a completely different person. You are immersed in it, happy with the work, sad work and always try their best to be able to achieve new advancement in the future.

There is a secret, 12 constellations show that the story of Taurus is not as expected. You emotional crisis and feel lonely every free time because no one will share the same. You want to find someone who can go with you on the road ahead but temporarily do not know what to do.


The Moon is 180 degrees apart, the Gemini has not been smooth on this Saturday. Your job may be controversial, disagreements with colleagues, just professional disagreements but may also affect mutual affection.

Maybe you should try to temper your ego and keep the harmony in the workplace relationships instead of trying to protect your own views but make the work later becomes difficult. The harder the two sides with the face but not content.

The love story of this constellation is also transformed when the fate of emotions overwhelms, it is easy to act sensationally without regard to whether their actions are right or wrong, have caused bad effects. for the other half or not.


Cancer feels vulnerable this Saturday. When Pluto and the moon are 150 degrees apart, the constellation may feel that its emotional relationship is overwhelming and that it is difficult to overcome without being subdued.

This weekend’s job is pretty good, you can prove your ability to your boss and co-workers. You will be able to achieve a lot of success when you develop your personal capacity, no matter how difficult it may be to let you back down.

Cancer is always confident in yourself, try to accomplish everything by yourself, do not let yourself easily give up. You know that your ability and effort are important, others can help you one time but can not help you forever.


Leo on a moonlit day perched on Saturn will feel uneasy and anxious when there are many things that you and your partner have not communicated with each other, and have not found a common voice. Although you feel unsettled but you do not know how to solve the conflict.

In addition, the constellation itself is not as happy and optimistic as normal. Weekend should be people to go out with friends, lover but you again collect and not open heart, yourself feel depressed but do not share with anyone.

Your work today is quite good, Leo hard than many people. You try and work harder than most people because you want to show that you are also capable, capable of sitting in this position. You will not let yourself stomp on the spot because of failure.


The moon is about 45 degrees from Jupiter, following the horoscope on March 30, 1818, Virgo knows that it could be misunderstood in work relationships because of his rigor and care. But this constellation accepts that, because of the perfection that you can not divulge and do otherwise.

You feel depressed and want to travel to clear the mind. It can be a temporary solution to your current feelings but it is impossible to completely solve the problem, especially when there are many things you need to solve due to a conflict in your co-worker relationship.

Virgo should avoid investing financially and be careful in money-related matters. Maybe you will be cheated on it, pay attention not to other people too. The money I made is not easy, so I have to appreciate money.


During the day the moon entered the area of ​​Libra, this constellation will probably meet many good and lucky. The work of this constellation is quite good. You are friendly and sociable with people around you, do not let anyone be annoyed by your attitude.

Binh Nhi is also liberal and optimistic, you choose to ignore the mistakes of others instead of keeping on forever, choose to give in instead of fighting. Your views may be different from others, but not so you argue and defend your views even if there is a conflict.

Love story of Libra pretty good this weekend. You have a big attraction with the opposite sex. Your warmth and friendliness make everyone want to get closer. There are many opportunities so choose the right one for you.


Scorpions on Mars day and the moon lying at right angles to each other will feel tired and tense, and the health will go down. Many things put pressure on this constellation. You should take a little rest to relieve stress, anyway today is already the weekend.

Uncomfortable love may be the pressure of the child, you want happiness, but accidentally makes him hurt. Bouncing and misunderstanding of the enemy, you cause conflicts in the relationship two people.

Emotional crises are something cable companies need to tackle. You act more quickly than you think today, causing many people to be amazed by the seemingly deep Scorpio has gone somewhere.


On this seventh day, the moon and the sun are about 180 degrees from each other, Sagittarius feels the urge to express his feelings for his beloved ones, but it seems that time is not the right time. , you will suffer for yourself.

Code is very strong emotions, always express your emotions, you love someone is difficult to hide. But it may be the intensity that makes the enemy feel scared, so go slowly, slowly steps away from you.

Day work may be a little difficult due to the disagreement between you and your colleagues about the subject matter. Everyone has their own opinion, do not be heated debate but discuss each other peacefully.


This 7th Maze has many things to think about romance. The moon is about 150 degrees from Pluto, the constellation feels that it does not care enough about itself, the emotional damage that it does not respond to it.

Maybe you should reconsider your relationship, just give too much without asking for anything is not, but if the demand is too careful, you will grow old rope, you will lose love. I have lost. Try to see the Top 3 weakest and most vulnerable constellations in April 2018.

This is still the lucky thing tomorrow, it’s your job to shine. You do not need help from anyone but rely on your own strength to be successful, worth the congratulations, right?


On the day of Aquarius, Saturn is perpendicular to the moon, you feel unrecognized at work, even if you work harder than anyone else. Can you know where you worked hard but not good results?

You also need to overcome your self-esteem too, because it affects quite a lot of your feelings. Aquarius has past sorrows that you do not know who to confide in, but it has become a ghost in the heart of this constellation.

Life is long, do not keep looking back so look forward to the future. You know that you will have someone to love you honestly, everyone has a person like that, just open your heart, do not be so alone.


Saturn and Jupiter are 45 degrees apart, Pisces must be careful when using money. Financial issues are something that you have to consider at this point. Money is not easy to earn money is not easy.

The work of this constellation has many things to think about because you have a lot of interests and may be distracted by your main job, causing things to go awry. If you do not quickly improve your work attitude, then there is a problem.

Try and work hard in your work, please do not be satisfied with what you have. You have the ability and can achieve more success, you need to promote the available capacity as well as potential latent capacity.

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