Tuesday, 13/02/2018 of Capricorn: are not going well

Moon is in the palace, things are not going well, some contradictions can happen while you are busy completing work, preparing things for Tet. Calm down, although the time is very urgent, but you can completely stop a bit, arrange the order more reasonable, so that efficiency will be significantly improved there.

Capricorn’s feelings tend to evolve but still try to create a close intimacy with that person. Prepare him for a meaningful gift, a warm embrace and sweet wishes for a memorable lover. Learning to romance a bit, the opponent will be touched not only.

Pay attention to keep your money, do not shake before the commercials rampant shopping do not think. There are a lot of things to spend at the end of the year so do not waste on something that is not really needed anymore, save for important things, and invest in the future.

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