Tuesday, 20/03/2018 of 12 zodiac signs: red alert health

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Venus with Venus so the emotional aspects evolve quite fast. Two people from meeting until the official couple into a few days, feeling extremely excited, but remember that too fast will become impatient, need more time to learn and stick together. before the distant future.

Intuition is not credible, based on the intuition is not equal to judgments by reason Aries. Priority in work should be given to things with clear objectives, accurate information, and proven facts. If you blindly chase your feelings you will probably pay dearly, no small impact on your career.

Be happy, but do not be too excited about the gatherings, you’re overloaded. Red alert health, not only significantly increased weight, but also the body is not as good as before, physical decline and mental fatigue. The result is poor performance and increased risk.


Moon in the Taurus, there are things you do not anticipate will cause the constellation is quite confused. Work hard and difficult but you can completely cope, just calm will find the solution but the tangerine is broken right. Here you will draw more good experience for yourself to respond to the situation in the future.

Taurus today easily encountered the circumstances of leaping, not pleased to come from colleagues and partners. Do not eat food should appear, “he said chickens say duck” makes work progress slow. You may need to overtime, overtime, run over and over again to overcome the consequences and smooth the problem.

Work pressure, something is not like but do not be too sad, do not be too good, sometimes good times will be fine. After completing all the work, go home, soak in warm water with a little oil to relax. Listen to a good music and sleep early to recharge, prepare for the new day full of excitement.


Moon with Jupiter angle of 120 degrees, do not be too careful to see how others see themselves, do it yourself best is enough. You always have a personal opinion and a positive attitude to life, keep on maintaining and promoting it. If you lose your confidence you will be empty and short, the spirit is down.

The pressure of work, learning makes Gemini feel tired from morning. You need to know the work arrangements, planning each item to solve each one, avoid overlapping, omitted or multiple things at once. A scientific timetable is one of the keys to help you complete the tasks you need.

If you feel unhappy, Tummy can automatically retreat in that relationship and do not say bad things. It just makes you more uncomfortable and tired. If anyone does not have the charm so considered as not fit and glide through each other, so will be much softer.


Moon with 60 degrees Neptune, transport wealth fortune, earn a good contract, have good news about the work. But do not spend so much money on yourself, invest in yourself, learn new things, and accumulate money to secure future plans.

The charm of Cancer is unexpected, right at the time you are not prepared. But what happens when the predestined number is like the wind, fast to the dizzy. Make a beautiful appearance, take care of the appearance of welcome to welcome the charm, make a good impression with him and start the romance is worth waiting for.

You need to get more involved with people around you instead of staring at the virtual world or keeping yourself in the house. Going out of the conversation and participating in group activities, sharing about life will be more enjoyable while improving your ability to communicate, giving you the necessary relationships for yourself in life as well as work. .


Mercury coincides with Venus, the spirit of excitement so you make people feel happy while on the side. Always enthusiastic, funny jokes and especially tolerant, easy to calculate so everyone loves this constellation. The atmosphere is up, the relationships are so close and so much better, you are doing very well.

Although very high, Leo still have to pay attention to his wallet, but carefully hand over his forehead that last month gnawing shrimp against hunger. You are open-minded, open-minded, but do not boast, emotions are not built with such expensive material.

Health is also a matter for you to focus on, build your habits of scientific and moderate activity. Eat right in time, give priority to nutritious foods and do not forget to exercise. Do not indulge in the fun drink, body damage is very.


Moon is 120 degrees celcius, you should not stay up late, will greatly affect the spirit and health. Gradually, and try to maintain daily activities, do not indulge yourself, but let yourself down, in the long run will cause a lot of harm to the body.

It is important to have a long-term dream, but do not forget to write a confirmation of the journey, the process to be sure. Virgo counts carefully, but it is small, small, easily delayed or behind others, should overcome this disadvantage if want to have complete results as well.

Romance is sometimes difficult to say, you try a lot but the results are not what you want. Sad but sad, do not lose the spirit, the grace of grace, people will meet each other and create happiness only. Smiles, towards the positive optimism and relentless faith in sincere love offline.


Moon 60 degrees with Neptune, you lack the attention to cause stagnation, many errors and easy reprisals. Refresh your spirit, stay away from bed and gatherings, sit at your desk seriously and give yourself specific goals and force yourself to complete the day.

Being sleepy, sleeping at night or eating improperly makes Libard’s health worse. You are entangled in bad lifestyle, devastating health, beauty and mental exhaustion there. Be more strict, more self-control, if necessary, the supervisor to re-build a better habits.

Jogging is a simple and straightforward sport. Every day running 30 minutes will help Children feel more comfortable, cheerful and much healthier. Jogging also helps you consume energy, keep fit and promote the spirit, convenient way should start today.


Mercury with the Venus angle of 0 degrees, do not understand why the reason why you roughly speaking in the study, the work should be not very good results. The first three months of the year will pass, so it is not good enough to take the momentum, get the spirit, planning details and act strongly.

Scorpio’s reaction to the affair is slow, unintentionally hurting others. Love is said to love, used forever people will go away. Courage, confidence and excitement up, the opportunity not to the second time, once lost and then regret not solve anything.

Today you are in financial trouble. Purchases must first be carefully considered, careful evaluation, try to buy and then buy the wrong to buy, not used to be expensive loss of money. It is best to know the price and ask the experienced person to come to get the correct advice.


The moon forms a 120 degree angle with Jupiter, so good luck so do not think about investing in adventures or playing red and black because money is not going back. Be careful with your pocket money, at this safety factor is placed on the top, although the profit is less but certainly, avoid the loss is not worth.

Passionate people like Sagittarius certainly enjoy the book, especially travel books, examinations, learning about new lands as well as cultures. Take a moment to shop around your favorite book, give yourself a good book and read before going to sleep, it will be very relaxing.

The story of this constellation is as complicated as their personality. Feeling irregular also think neutral, simply bring more nuisance than you think so be more clear manners. Do not glimpse the hope for others and look away like that.


The Moon is a 60 degree angle with Neptune, you are very hardworking and excited, confident in developing your plan and hopefully have a proud development of the work as well as aspects. other in life. Having the same goal and ability to act makes others feel very admiration.

Today is very suitable for spending money, all expenses are clear, reasonable, necessary should not have to think, think much. For a long time you have not shopping for yourself, on this occasion ask your friends to buy something or show up, do the new look to create more inspiration for yourself.

Pay more attention to your health, no matter how busy you are, do not miss your stomach lick. Eating and drinking should focus on quality, priority food nutrition, easy to digest and good for health, not just eat through loud speakers or eat as you like. The body is healthy to work, but not.


Mercury and Venus coincide, today is very busy day need to stretch the power to solve many affairs, travel back and lose the effort. So be prepared, do not be discouraged, try to accomplish the necessary tasks. The result will not be the effort that this constellation takes away.

Aquarius should consult with experienced people before deciding to invest. Items and projects look good and generate high profits but the potential risk is not small. The prudent principle is to not run out of money, run into risky projects, you’re not strong enough to pursue.

In addition, Bao Bao should pay attention to words of speech, should not use heavy words hurt other people. Each person has personal opinions, respect other people is also respect for themselves, always keep the peace, absorb new things from the surrounding to perfect.


Mặt Trăng và sao Mộc hợp thành góc 120 độ, bạn có nhiều điều lo lắng trong lòng khiến nên không thực sự thoải mái. Nếu chưa tìm ra cách giải quyết thì tốt nhất là thuận theo tự nhiên, việc gì đến sẽ đến chứ đừng nghĩ ngợi quá nhiều mà sinh buồn phiền, càng khiến mọi chuyện thêm tệ đi đấy.
Về phương diện tình cảm, chuyện cần quyết định thì nên quyết định dứt khoát, kéo dài thời gian càng chẳng có hi vọng. Nhất là khi cả hai đã quá mệt mỏi và tổn thương thì dây dưa chỉ khiến cả hai thêm đau khổ mà thôi. Song Ngư hãy kiên cường, chủ động và dứt khoát lên nhé.
Để giải tỏa những áp lực trong cuộc sống, bạn nên tìm nơi yên tĩnh và thả lỏng, nghe nhạc hoặc xem một bộ phim hài hước. Đừng vội tìm sự trợ giúp từ bên ngoài, bản thân bạn phải thực sự bình tĩnh và tự cân bằng đã, lời khuyên của người khác chỉ mang tính chất tham khảo phần nào thôi.
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