Monday, 05/02/2018 of Leo: are always sympathetic

Neptune’s 135-degree moon shows that you are always sympathetic, open to the people, even those who deliberately cause pain, do bad things behind you still let go. This is the reason sometimes you do not realize there are people silently betraying you without knowing it. Leo should be alert and pay attention to smaller details.

In the last days of the year many people received salaries and bonuses. As income grows, you tend to change your lifestyle, and you will be more likely to fall into the trap and want to spend more to enjoy it. Remember to only spend what you really need.

If you have the habit of bathing right after the meal please review. If you take a bath often after eating, will cause gastrointestinal disease, stomach. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, fat in the blood … will encounter complications. Therefore, after eating rice 1 – 3 hours bathing is most appropriate.

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