Monday, 19/02/2018 of Leo: full of charm

Venus 45 degrees Uranus shows Leo has a big ego and for himself is the center of the universe but also full of charm. You are also pride and self-help, this is also cause you to easily trouble with the opposite sex. So to have a happy marriage you should refrain from me.

Take enough time to find a long-term vision for yourself. Because once you have a clear vision, making a decision every day is not a big deal. You will realize that every small decision you make will either lead you in the right direction or will be the deepest lesson you need to achieve your vision.

To prevent illness in this weather, try to keep your body warm when it is cold. Avoid wearing fabrics that are easily irritating to the skin such as skin, wool … directly on the person and should not wear too tight clothes because it will cause rubbing, stimulation in place.

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