Monday, 19/02/2018 of Taurus: feel the urge to do something

The Moon’s 45 degrees make Taurus feel the urge to do something. This also makes it easy to make quick decisions. If this goes in the right direction, it will help you a lot, but going the wrong way will make people lose confidence in you. It is better to be gentle, careful.

Sometimes you are hesitant about affection for fear your decision is safe or not. But if you do not really walk then how do you know you are right or wrong. Be confident and have faith that there is a solution.

These days you get a lot of beer and believe that there is also a way to relax, have fun with friends. Although we already know that alcohol has some dangerous health effects, it can also slow down your metabolic rate, when consumed too much. So, if limited to drink alcohol or something.

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