Sunday, 21/01/2018 of Scorpio: has many advantages

Moon aligns with Venus at a 45 degree angle, this weekend’s circular motion is good and has many advantages. Reduce time spent on work to focus on yourself, improve your health, and get plenty of rest after a week of hard work. So the spirit of cheer, in the gentle gentle, full of vitality.

Scorpio chooses healthy activities, has fun but benefits the body, gives priority to walking and movement. Can invite relatives to join together to more fun, this is also a chance to increase the sentiment, create beautiful memories together. This opportunity is not much.

Your personal feelings are a little timid, perhaps due to previous experience that made you more cautious in this relationship. That is also good, slow to think mature, act properly, choose wisely. If you are really fit and sincere, you will not be afraid to wait.

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