Sunday, 21/01/2018 of Libra: are comfortable

Moon is 120 degrees, Jupiter is the only thing that you imagine is your own feelings, and that person does not think so. The lesson for this constellation is to pay attention to the feelings of the other person, in the relationship they have to come from the mutual wishes as well as the two are comfortable.

Libra is well prepared for work for the new week, apart from summarizing what has been done and not done, you also devise a detailed plan to do things unfinished. Sharp with investment, can develop in this field to increase income, expand the career.

Healthy but sometimes neglected to skin care makes the look less fresh. Part of the reason, worry and busy so it affects the skin, pimples and aging problems. Mirroring is sad, combine the nutrients from the inside out, pay attention to nutrition, exercise and products used for skin.

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