Tuesday, 13/02/2018 of Aries: because of the lack of concentration

Mercury perpendicular to Saturn, your work is not smooth because of the lack of concentration, it seems that the atmosphere of Tet is so close it is difficult to sit still. Due to many errors so the boss is quite disappointed, there are still unfinished work, the last working day, try to make good nhé.

To expand the circle of relations as well as enhance the ability to have a lover should Aries be more open, comfortable conversation with people and do not hesitate to express their feelings. You have to turn on the green light then he knows, chances are not much, take advantage of good nhé, know this year Tet bear.

If you need to move to the countryside, be careful, go slowly and watch carefully to ensure safety. At the end of the road crowded roads, vehicles are very easy to go to trouble so white sheep must pay attention. Absolutely do not use alcoholic beverages before driving and ensure absolute alertness during traffic.

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