Tuesday, 13/02/2018 of Taurus: extremely tired

Sun with the Uranus angle of 60 degrees, normally you are very diligent industrious, strong spirit but today quite dull, depressed and extremely tired. Perhaps because it was the last day of work, you were exhausted and prepared for Tet, so both physical and mental exhaustion.

To improve the health of Taurus, you may want to take a break a little early to go to the nursing home, do not try too hard. Most of the tasks in your old year have been completed so no worries. The spirit is not comfortable, find a small restaurant, sit quietly sipping a hot drink for leisure, forget the busy reeling.

Health does not allow Taurus to stay up late, so do not forget to go to bed before 23h. To sleep better you should listen to music, burn some essential oils and read books before going to sleep. Avoiding the use of electronic devices such as computers and smartphones will make it harder to sleep.

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