Tuesday, 13/02/2018 of Gemini: please pay attention

The Moon is perpendicular to Uranus, because too busy with work and busy for the Lunar New Year that you forget you also need to spend time to care about your other half. Even if you do not speak out, but people are quite happy, please pay attention, little inquiries or small gifts do not take much effort.

Today, Gemini should not be able to repair furniture because only healing pigs become lame pigs. If there is anything wrong in the house, you should bring the goods or ask a skilled person to repair, avoid displaying the harness without having to spend money to buy new items.

For work you can rest assured absolute, inevitably small errors but basically complete, wireless melon into the new year. So bonuses and personal incomes are full, promising a happy new year, offering a gift to parents showing interest and filial nhé.

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