Tuesday, 13/02/2018 of Cancer: that is admirable

Moon meets the Martian angle 45 degrees, you meet a very heartbreaking mind, but because of the giddy conversation with him that work negligible, not timely, easy to stay overtime. Tet is coming and there are so many things that you can not do enough, that is admirable.

Financial situation suddenly appeared a few small problems, Cancer should be careful with all expenses today. Do not shop online too much, can card payment or account problems and have to wait until New Year can solve, affecting the money you spend, quite inconvenient.

The health of the constellation is poor, you are prone to coughing, feeling cold and if you are not careful can get the flu. Take good care of yourself do not lest this Tet flat at home lost .. In addition to wearing warm enough, avoid windy place should be supplemented with vitamins to better resistance.

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