Tuesday, 13/02/2018 of Leo: love is better than your expectations

Neptune’s Moon is 45 degrees, love is better than your expectations. Maybe the time to learn is not too long but two people have sympathy, close and intimate nature. Coming to Valentine’s Day, this year must be the year that you feel this day both meaningful and happy, prepare a small gift for him to go offline.

At work, Leo should focus on serious work, refusing to participate in chatting activities, shopping online or discuss Tet. Not that you are separated from everyone but mainly because your mission is still pretty much have to do a lot of work to be done more than others.

Year-end has come, now is a good time to self review what last year did what and what is missing, and set goals for next year. In the evening before going to bed, take a moment to meditate, it will be useful to find a direction for yourself.

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