Tuesday, 13/02/2018 of Scorpio: nothing to worry nervous anymore

The Moon is perpendicular to Uranus, the aspects of you are very good, stable style. Although it was the last working day of the year, but you still focus on high, complete the rest and prepare to place there, the end of the year completely full, nothing to worry nervous anymore.

If you have to make any decision then you should decide quickly, do not hesitate, the more hesitant the more time and missed the good opportunity. Scorpio will have to move a lot, so choose a pair of sports shoes or shoes instead of struggling with high heels.

The shopping war has not stopped, with quite a good income you spend money to buy things but remember just right. Discounts at the end of the year are to attract customers like Cable Cable, so consider carefully about the quality as well as the use of the item before buying.

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