Tuesday, 23/01/2018 of Libra: fact is not great

Moon is 135 degrees angle with Mars, the most obstacle on this day is sentiment but the fact is not great. You and the person have some disagreements in living opinion, namely, how to spend, need to sit back and discuss solutions, each positive person is a little okay, not too serious.

Libra has many creative ideas and likes to help others. You are ready to guide, support and co-operate with colleagues, this brings good conditions, harmonious relations with people around. So when there is something you need to be blurry with external resources, no one will deny it.

Health is not bad but there are signs of back pain due to poor movement, note this aspect a little more. Refer to some gentle exercises and apply daily, while studying and working regularly change positions, get up and go to relax to relieve pressure on the body.

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