Tuesday, 23/01/2018 of Scorpio: you less cheerful

The Moon is perpendicular to Mercury, the difficulty in affection makes you less cheerful, maybe two people have to go to the end of love and need each other’s own way. Although there are a lot of reasons, but all are very sad and hurt heart so need time to calm down, you also need time to retreat and forget about the past.

Scorpio is strong but still influenced more or less, the mood is not good cause the work slow. Luckily, your friends and colleagues are sympathetic and supportive, so not too bad to stay at a stable level. Quickly arrange your own story and come back to finish it well.

To improve your mood as well as motivate yourself to move forward, you should make some changes to your space and daily activities. For example, decorate fresh flowers on your desk, rearrange your home, buy new decorations or change your curtains, learn a new skill, go to the gym, …

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