Tuesday, 28/11/2017 of Scorpio: tough with your decisions

The moon is perpendicular to Saturn, you are tough with your decisions and pressures yourself to get the job done the best. This improves efficiency and brings positive results in your career, putting you on the path of progress very clearly.

On the other hand, the race makes Scorpio extremely tiring, you are almost exhausted at the end of the day. Relax with lukewarm tea or lavender essential oil to keep your body relaxed and well-rested, and your sleep will be deep and of better quality, ensuring that you will recharge for the next working day.

Cables are difficult to communicate with, but they are not part of life. Sometimes people ask themselves, sometimes I ask people are inevitable so still try to maintain social etiquette, do not refuse overly bluntly, will save the impression is not good.

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