Friday, 09/03/2018 of 12 zodiac signs: likes to travel and learn about peoples

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The moon of 120 degrees Uranus shows that this time the Aries must move quite a lot. It may be due to work reasons and this is why you are tired. So, at night, try to sleep early, do not wake up too late because the next morning you often have to get up early.

This time there will be favorable changes, take advantage of this opportunity, do not because of too many hugs, can not focus on the target missed opportunities.

There will be days when you work hard. Then there are days when things are not going well and you’re out of your mind to make you exhausted. Take time off, know the limits of your health.


The Moon, which is perpendicular to the Sun, foretells today, there may be conflicts between you and your parents or colleagues when talking about a factor related to your profession. Before expressing your opinion, you should patiently hear what the enemy has said.

Tzu learns more about self discipline because that is how you create a habit that suits your life choices. When you are disciplined, you will not spend too much time looking for answers to uncertainties. Just do it, and you learn a lesson soon after.

You may not have more income now, but at the same time you save money yourself, do not worry about the money.


Uranus 120 degrees show you want to look for something new, or cough in life to explore. For you, knowledge is limitless so learn as much as possible. You are interested in quite a lot of topics, such as not doing anything 12 noon and 12no night enough to make you curious.

If someone asks you to support a lot of money but you do not have such a large amount of money, give them some good advice so they can look back on what they did. As a matter of fact, not for the new money or in this situation.

Do not promise yourself that you will try to practice more without actually acting. Habits of rest time also need to practice, not to say it is okay.


The moon with the corner of Mars shows that today you are sensitive to the criticism, reminder of someone. You can become unhappy with anyone even if they say the words inadvertently, do not intend to sarcastic you are not at all deducted by you.

Be more active in everything, when you expect an approval from someone, you are wasting your time. And deeper, you are limiting your ability to explore the world around you.

Do not compare that person, the rich person is happier than me to do. It does not really matter whether you have a pure heart, beautiful or not. These are important factors in evaluating human life.


Moon on the same corner of Mars shows the spirit and extreme enthusiasm of the Lion. Boldness and great risk tolerance demonstrate the ability and the consistency of your life and work that everyone respects.

In life, truth and art are intertwined. You will never guess the whole heart. You can not imagine what the table could do. Who is good to me, who is bad to me. So stop looking at them, focus on yourself, live with what you think is right, not be ashamed of what you did.

Although you have a relatively stable income and better people, but because of the airiness, want to build a good relationship with people so you spend a lot of money on these things.


Today, the Moon, perpendicular to the Sun, shows that Truth is constantly changing in one day, maybe now you are happy to laugh and say, in the back, irritating and strange. You should learn to control emotions better so that no one can tolerate you.

You are the person who will choose for yourself the next road. Do not wait for someone to point the way if you do not dare step into your safe area, just waiting for approval from others, you will remain stuck in place.

To go to work tomorrow morning, late class, you must have goals for tomorrow. The first thing to do is to set goals for the new day and get it done that pushes you out of bed.


The moon’s perpendicular to the Sun reminds Libra to be more tactful in dealing with her lover or partner. Because you are often silent, when you get angry, saying bad things will make others uncomfortable and this is the cause of deep conflict between two people.

Things in the company should leave the company, especially after a tiring work day, when you go home, let’s work aside, still believe that after a good night sleep, you continue fight the most effective.

If you want to eat healthy vegetarian food, do not rush, do it step by step. When you start a vegetarian diet, your body automatically adjusts by changing the gut bacteria in your gut. Therefore, the abdomen will be a little more normal than normal is also understandable.


Uranus 120 shows you are eager to discover new things, always looking for interesting things, new experiences to enrich your knowledge for yourself. For you, it is more precious than money.

Maybe your heart is full of enthusiasm but do not be complacent or eager to be able to do everything. We left everything behind, thinking that tomorrow we still have time to finish it. But in reality, everything needs to be focused and adaptable.

If you have a problem, you should also review your diet. The skin acts as a channel to release toxins from the body, through the pores and builds up into acne. And meat and dairy products disrupt the body’s hormones causing you to have more acne, so reduce those items in your diet.


The Moon in the Sagittarius position shows curiosity, likes to travel and learn about peoples and cultures. That’s why you are not fit for a long desk job, need patience and high concentration. But remember to go around a lot with the risk, so you should consider everything carefully to balance.

Psychological waiting is one of the reasons why you can not do anything, become a helpless helpless time. So instead of waiting for a decision from your boss or waiting for someone to pick you up, think about how to fill that empty space into a useful one.

If you intend to lose weight, do not skip meals completely, you can eat instead of a little starch and concentrate on eating fruit. Fruits and vegetables are the foods that help lose weight extremely efficiently but safely.


Moon coincides with Mars that today Aquarius becomes impatient, easily hot. This may come from the fact that you feel insecure about something that is not in your heart. First, you need to find the cause to clear up negative thoughts before going back to work.

When you wake up, you should find yourself some fun. Maybe, it’s just a smile, thinking about the happy things to feel happy to be alive. This small action is thought to be useless but brings great effect for you to be more optimistic spirit every day.

Toxins from foods that are high in saturated fats, cheese, milk and animal fat cause the blood vessels to constrict, contract the heart’s contractions, and alert the heart. So if you gradually eliminate these foods will help your cardiovascular health is significantly improved.


The moon of 120 degrees is predicted to have favorable changes, which can be about work or sentiment. Whether the change is good or bad, try to take it as you may need a lesson in life that you have not yet realized.

To forget the pressure, tired for a week, why do not you comfortably, eat and drink gathering and play in the next two days to recover the spirit as well as the cheer in the God.

Breakfast for lunch with cereals, cereals is not enough for you. You can adjust your hormonal rate by eating a healthy breakfast on a regular basis, when your body will improve significantly.


The Moon’s Day, perpendicular to the Sun, shows that although inner contradictions make you anxious, on the other hand, it also motivates you to accomplish great goals in life that you previously did not have the courage to capture. hands on implementation.

You do not have to be rebellious, you do not have to do a lot of calculations. You simply know your position, and accomplish your part. There are times when you’re going to go into someone else’s yard, which can cause a collision, but it’s good because you’ll learn a lot later.

Do not be afraid to eat healthy fats like avocado, coconut and eggs in the main dish. Vegetables like kale, spinach because these foods will help you to refill and maintain energy levels lasting for the day.

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