Tuesday, 06/03/2018 of 12 zodiac signs: Never refuse or shirk!

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Moon 120 degrees with Neptune, you should focus on the daily work from the morning to keep up with the pace, not leisurely leisurely and then afternoon rush rush without finishing the gold. It was a big deal.

In addition to work, Aries should also spend more time for himself, please take a break when tired, eat the dishes you like and open with other concerns. If you do not like to go outside, after returning home to cook, watch movies, listen to music or enjoy some hobby, it will be fun.

Maybe today you will also have the opportunity to meet the old man, afraid of nothing without going to normal greetings, though the white sheep have loved him so much. You do not have any problems, so let go of the discomfort and hatred in the heart to take yourself comfortable offline.


Moon with the Venus angle of 135 degrees, you receive a small surprise related to the work, it is possible to be promoted to the location suitable for capacity as well as interest so peace of mind that wait. Prepare good mood, calm and radiant, luck will smile.

In the afternoon, you feel like you have a strong desire to be involved in a certain adventure. But Taurus reminds you that your body is not good at all, so do not rush into it. It can be replaced by watching an action movie or reading a book for example.

Familiar with the family through the self-prepared dinner for the family to go, Niu chan not come to the kitchen right. It may not be very good, but everyone recognizes your effort, so the meal becomes warm and intimate, much more fun.


The moon is mated to a 135 degree angle, the decisive focus on efficiency in the work should not sit and miscreant miscellaneous work anymore. Only have to work to have the results but sit back and think is not soon to be criticized for not completing the task.

Try to finish all work, do not let your boss complain. After finishing work, you have the right to go shopping, go out or do whatever you want, even Gemini has the whole night to draw a beautiful future prospect and dream about it, no. lack of time.

If you can not respond to the sincerity of others, do not say anything indiscriminate or criticized. All feelings are worth cherishing, refuse skillfully with the attitude of sympathy so that everything becomes gentle comfortable. Expressing yourself high price does not make the child to become so high.


The moon and the sun form a corner of 120 degrees, you feel quite sluggish, the body seems to be opposed to having to start the day. Maybe the strength and morale of this constellation is not good, you try to exercise a gentle exercise and warm bath show, the situation will be improved significantly.

The work is slower than the thinking of Cancer, you are quite struggling with the tasks related to statistics, statistics require precision meticulous. Be careful, check many times, not subjective because of mistakes that will be severely punished it. The boss also paid attention to your performance at this time, whether expressed.

Bad mood, tired body makes you can not care about the other half more and tend to avoid dating. Instead of silent or flatly rejecting, it is better to message people with a message and rest assured peacefully. Everyone is tired at times so he will sympathize only.


Moon with 60 degrees of Pluto, you have the opportunity to shine in front of the crowd, attracting the attention, especially of other people should be a lot of gas, love charm bloom. Singles will get more acquaintances, want to date, spoiled that choose the right object nhé.

Today Leo flexible, solve problems smoothly and skillfully. You also know how to make a good impression with smiling faces, enthusiasm as well as willingness to help those around. This constellation is good, but in this direction, it goes up.

Because you get so much fun during the day, you can easily agree with the suggestions of others. Drill any, have to stop pondering a bit, because there can be things I can not do. Do not promise fun, it will affect your reputation.


The moon coincides with Neptune’s 120-degree angle, keeps his mouth shut and does not engage in other people’s affairs to avoid unnecessary trouble. You are enthusiastic but must be at the right place to be told not to be ungrateful, like to worry about how the body is suffering. People do not ask, then I should not lemon ran before.

Virgo also has to be careful when exchanging opinions with others, avoiding controversy, which can lead to discord. Use the action to express your message, defend the point of view based on reality instead of just say it, will be much more effective.

All day long, do not bring home work anymore, put pressure on yourself to take a break to relax. You need time to rebuild your labor to avoid being exhausted. Small suggestions are to read the book or listen to music, good effect in the comfort of the mind.


Moon aligned with Venus at 135 degrees, pay attention to health, do not overhear roughly like that anymore. Eating disorganized, non-gradual activity will gradually become sick. The most obvious is that the face is poor, the skin is ugly, it looks much older then, quickly adjust it again.

Today Libra also has a pretty interesting experience, mainly brought by someone so if anyone introduces suggestions you have not done before, do not hurry to refuse, just try it. Opportunity to know new areas is good, you can fully try, maybe find a suitable for you.

Mood stabilization, the emotional story is peaceful, you ignore the previous unhappy and actively improve the relationship. For those who are still lonely, take care of your appearance a little to attract the opposite sex, who do not love the beauty.


The moon at the Scorpio Palace, you difficult to grasp the requirements of others should hesitate in conducting. If you are not sure, then please delay and inquire, ask for the correct to help repair work many times corrected. Slow but sure is faster than the fault.

Scorpio receives many pleasures from affectionate relationships such as affectionate friends or relatives. They support and support you in work and life, often exchanged very close. If you do not mind, invite them to have a good meal instead of thanking them.

You should pay close attention to how your communicators, relatives, and friends can understand and sympathize with the unpopular actions of the constellation, but ordinary people do not. This can cause you to lose significant points, make a bad impression that you are disadvantaged.


Moon with the mysterious angle of 135 degrees, proposed new project is rejected, do not be too surprised, you may not work hard and that is not the most complete. Instead of being upset, bring in more research, supplement information, and verify all the data for excellence.

Do not be afraid if the time of Sagittarius is not much because the pressure itself will give you a stronger motivation. It is likely that you will need to work overtime or take your work home so be prepared to go. Hard work at the time of harvesting good results, try to do.

But still have to pay attention to eat well and give yourself rest again. In the middle of each hour, stand up for light exercise, listen to a music to do the next. In addition, the code can also help the help of colleagues, friends to solve faster, without hugging himself.


The Moon Matches Pluto at 60 degrees, Between you and your family members there is a bit of contradiction, maybe because of a bit of disagreement that makes you feel uncomfortable at home, so make extra effort. time to stay in company, learn more to go out or wander somewhere.

This morning, the fire is quite tense, but in the afternoon you will feel more comfortable, partly because of the good work, partly because of your previous efforts have been recorded, in addition to work is also reaping. Picking up some success should also feel much more relaxed.

Reward yourself for a small gift, a music show or a good book. The mood is not happy that there are nice little things like this soothing also help. Finished and made good with the family, the family is the same, can be angry forever.


Moon and Sun form a 120 degree angle, do not underestimate the effect of a beautiful appearance! By just applying a clever makeup, you may have improved your ability to attract good fortune. Before leaving your home, be sure to look carefully for the best possible appearance.

If you are overworked or overworked, you should go out and go shopping. This is a very effective way to relieve stress, do not worry too much about finances because you are quite rational, a little more pepper is not okay.

If the mood is not up then invite your friend or relative to the cinema to watch the movie for comfort. Laughter helps to dispel tiring stress, so that this constellation can cheer up the spirit that fights for the next few days. Try your best.


The moon is 60 degrees with Pluto, love story is quite good, although you do not have much time to meet but often take care of each other. He is very attentive, sometimes while in the session to take the initiative to bring you more, too lovely to go.

At work, some Pisces can be played by some colleagues but you will easily recognize this and respond with your own power so there is no need for fear or worry. This constellation, though gentle but not easy to be bullied, you always know how to protect yourself.

Coming on March 8, you have a plan for your mother – the great woman of your life. If not, then prepare to gradually go, do not put close to the new day rush to do. Suggest that you can make your own cake or prepare delicious food for mother, it would be fun.

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