Wednesday, 14/03/2018 of 12 zodiac signs: not good

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The 45 degree planet of Saturn reminds Aries that if you are still not aware of your limitations, you will only have slow progression to disaster. So, do not be subjective, that you know yourself. Ask and ask for help if needed.   Love affair is not okay when both are busy each other. The weekend is very difficult, why not take advantage of lunch break to dating it? Two people can eat lunch, chat and cafe before returning to work.    Your happiness is actually made up of all the normal things by finding yourself through blogging or blogging. So, write more often because this is a good way for you to relieve stress.


The Moon, which is perpendicular to Jupiter, shows that you are more open-minded, more receptive to others, and more comfortable. However, about money, believe in your genius, do not listen to the advice of anyone who made the decision in a hurry.   Today, you buy yourself something that you love, regardless of any comment. The fact is that people often comment that this person is gone when they do not need to know that you buy items that are as expensive or as cheap as market. Their opinions should not be in your head right now. Frequent sleeplessness can lead to long-term emotional disturbances such as anxiety and depression, which severely affect physical health. Diseases that follow that accumulate gradually. Therefore, you should get used to going to bed on time to ensure sleep time every night.


Moon 45 degrees Saturn reminds you not to compare yourself with anyone. You may work harder than others, but the results are not satisfactory, however, sometimes the results do not come immediately so you should not hurry to work. You could end up ruining your career or your relationship with your co-workers because of inadequate action and behavior. It’s not about education, experience or fame, if you can not get along with it, you’re going to have a hard time completing it.   Try a sport that is not too energetic and has little effect on the heart, such as yoga or swimming, which also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Or if you want to challenge yourself, sign up for an event like a marathon or march.


The moon of 45 degrees suggests that Cancer is suffering from emotional distress or you have conflicts with your parents. You should remember that if you are not filial to your parents, then success is only for you to leave, so with the birth, you should know a little patience.   Do not be angry when someone does not understand you, especially at work, if you voice, mock or defame a colleague, other colleagues will also hear. Each time, no one wants to give you important things.   If you do not have a lot of time together when late at night you are still at work, try to meet your half at noon, eat at a restaurant in the middle of the two people, lunch together and drink. A cup of coffee is enough for you to “recharge” the whole day of work.


According to the Daily Horoscope, the 60 degree Uranus Moon shows that this angle brings about quite favorable changes, adding that Leo is confident of what is at present will be a good foundation for the future. scared when something is not the same anymore.   The nature of human beings is always to be loved and accepted, which means that you are not wrong when you want to make others happy but with that you learn to ignore the judgment of others about you. The truth is that no one is completely satisfied about you 100% at all.   In order to improve the quality of sleep, all the perpetrators of sleep disturbance such as blue light and late night coffee should be avoided. If you still have trouble sleeping, consult expert advice.


Jupiter 45 degrees Saturn reminds Virgo of lack of direction and motivation just because you are comparing yourself to others. Only when you are self-aware and stop comparing, you become happy and comfortable.   Effective interpersonal relationships create the basis for success, satisfaction with your job and your career. So, in addition to keeping a good relationship with your boss, keep the peace with your colleagues.   Anxiety can not solve the problem but it also makes you susceptible to illness. So, the first thing is to relieve anxiety by listening to music, yoga or meditation … There, you look forward to finding solutions.


The moon’s moon Jupiter shows that this time Libra has to travel too much and this affects a lot of your health. Get back to the balance in your life and pay more attention to your new diet to ensure your physical well-being.   We are like continuous radar radars. When you talk to other employees in a disrespectful manner, the words will be transmitted loud and clear. Therefore, be more cautious in the words of the voice to bring the pain into the body only because of the words of his inadvertent.   Dieting becomes a bad idea in many people’s eyes. But that does not mean that we are no longer obsessed with weight. Staying healthy without getting too fast does not mean that you have to eat at the right meal, stop snacking.


Continuing on March 13, 1818, today, Moon 45 degrees Saturn shows today Scorpio is prone to disagreements leading to quarrels and contradictions. This also shows that you are too young to like to express your opinion without listening to what others say. Adults may be right, they may be wrong but you have to hear how specific they are.   You need to know that in reality, you will never know what others are thinking about you, so you really should not care or be curious about that. You have only one life to live, so do whatever you want, that will bring you happiness.   Proven reading improves relationships and reduces depression. You can also write down the facts you have experienced, your feelings or hurt by writing as well as the therapy that helps you recover. So, do what makes you happy and make sure you feel better.


The Moon of 45 degrees shows that you want to shine in the limelight, this can be the compensation for your mistakes. Keep your efforts low, but in the long run will result in later, so do not be frustrated when not too many people pay attention.   Be more strict with yourself, just set up some simple rules like not looking at the phone at meal time or an hour before bedtime. You can also plan for a vacation without the technology equipment so that the mind itself is truly serene and blends with nature. Forms of artistic creation are also capable of filling the emptiness of the soul, reducing negative emotions, reducing stress and anxiety. Therefore, even if you do not know how to draw, you can sit and draw what you like to relieve stress yourself.


Moon 45 degrees Saturn shows the Capricorn is thinking about the past so always feel the prison, not thinking about the current problems. So, right now, you should know to let go of the unnecessary things to get new good things coming. Love as well as other spices of life, if today is a little low, you do not be sad because only today will be happy again. Then you regain the joy in life.   Choose a hobby for time, like learning a new skill or improving your skills in a certain area so that you can be proud of yourself. That may be painting, singing, sewing … not at home watching movies offline.


Moon in the position of Aquarius shows appreciation of emotional self-control and also expect it in others. You should remember that each person has a personality and no one like him, if not get what you want, do not show too disappointed. Money always worries you, but it’s because you put too much weight on it and can not think of any way to make extra money. Get rid of this anxiety aside and start with ways to increase your revenue.   There is no denying the great benefits of physical and mental well being, but this does not mean that you have to work hard every day. If it is less than a week, just 2-3 times is enough for you.


The Moon of 45 degrees suggests that the Pisces are not good. You suddenly realize that your confidence is causing some problems. Right now, you want to retreat a bit before learning more about new relationships.   You should restrain, do not be angry, scold others. If you are a superiors, the more you should not, if you respect the other, you should not raise your voice to anyone. If you are serious about losing weight, pursue a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Do not impose strict diets or diets in ways that are difficult to maintain over time.

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